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I always have fun with my gal pal @sparklesthediva ! Look at that licker! 👅😛
Find someone to look at you the way I look at my donut from @sassypawsbakery 😍🤗 these home made goodies are soooo delicious and are made of wholesome ingredients! We cannot get enough of these and can't wait to share ...
Our #summer2017 video can be found on our youtube channel, the link to the video is in our bio! We had a great summer full of dog shows, titling, training, and adventuring and I tried my best to throw it ...
I love this sweet girl 😇💕🐶
Details 👌🏼
Our CLAUDE crew with hand drawn screen print at the back and bone embroidery at the front ✨
I should be the next #pawhifluffmodel #pawsuphi , becausee... I'm fierce and adorable all in one 😊😊🐶🐾❤️ @pawhi_app .(psst... I'm good at posing too!)
Join with me!
@kiyothehusky @carboncongresshusky @5uperhiroo
It's that time of night.. Sleepy time!! 😉😁 __________________________________________________________
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Extra, Extra, Read all about it! Don't I make a cute paper boy? I love my new doggy news toy from PetQwerks, its the perfect fetch toy and it makes fun sounds, thank you so much @petqwerks @pupfluence 🙏❤️🐶

Today's special feature goes to a dog.
🌟Featured Artist: @crfotografie
Congratulations and Thank you for sharing with all of us.👏
Feature chosen by: @catsinthepocket
Please go check out ...
Awesome contest with lots of amazing prizes!! (one of which is a custom wiggle collar! 😬) head on over to @stevetopdog to enter! .
#giveaway #giveaways #doggiveaway #contest #freestuff #dogs #doggram #doglove #doglife #dogsandpals #dogscorner ...
Just a wild doggo in his natural habitat
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Abdullahs Figuya Unboxing 2017 Figure(s) available here: https://figuya.com/de/produkte/link-g... Auf http://figuya.com könnt ihr nach verschiedenen Anime Figuren stöbern. Original ...
Wrestle time with Heidi and Maximus Wrestle time with Heidi and Maximus. She's pretty tough. Maximus usually lets her win but when he's had enough she knows to back down.
Ferreting for Rabbits Today on Realtree Global Hunting, we are ferreting for rabbits Ferreting has been a popular pest control method for decades. It is a craft that is often past down ...
corgi Какой страшный шарик ? . Какой страшный шарик ? . #mistika_corgi #corgi #bluemerle #welshcorgibluemerle #welshcorgicardigan #корги #вельшкорги #вельшкоргикардиган...
Top 10 Best Guard Dogs For Family Security If you are looking for a guard dog for your family ,this video you need to care . In this short video ,I will show you the list of 10 best guard dogs for family security ...
husky When the doorbell rings ??? . . . When the doorbell rings ??? . . . #siberianhusky #australianshepherd #doglovers #topdogphoto #excellent_dogs #dog_features #bestwoof #dogs #dogmom ...
TOP 10 DOGS FOR FIRST TIME OWNERS - Best Puppy Breed For Novices Today we discuss the top 10 dog breeds for first time owners, when we made this list we considered; -Ease Of Training -Exercise Needs -Grooming Needs ...
My Dogs: Enjoying their Sunday:) Phatts is the male (white and tan) and Egypt is the female (dark brown). I can't wait till they have some puppies; they're excellent dogs:) Follow Me on FaceBook ...

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