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Spotlight On - Fairfax School Bond Referendum The November election ballot will offer a choice on a Fairfax County School Bond referendum that could fund improvements for the schools in the county.
A Day In My Life (Ian) 2017-2018 Vlogs! Join Ian Kirkland, FX Players President, on a journey through his day at Fairfax!
City of Fairfax School Board Chairman Jon Buttram Welcome to the City of Fairfax Schools! Welcome from Chairman Jon Buttram.
New school's chief reflects on Charlottesville The Fairfax school board voted to change the name of JEB Stuart high school.
35% Survey School Board x5 How the Fairfax School Board galvanized a "35%" change audience ahead of the "Survey" ballot in Spring 2016.
What happened to these boys who vanished in '64? The disappearance of Fairfax School third-graders Johnny Hundley and Jimmy McQueary in 1964 is the oldest cold case in Tri-Staters memories, and one of the ...
South Phoenix father pickets Betty F. Fairfax school after daughter's bullying caught on camera Markus Hines says his daughter, a freshman at Betty Fairfax High School, was cyber-bullied with memes all through the beginning of the school year. ◂ ABC15 ...
Angry Teacher at Fairfax High School Video purporting to show the high-volume pedagogical style of David Carr, a social studies teacher at Fairfax High School in Fairfax, Virginia.
SOUTH KERN MATH PARTNERSHIP OVERVIEW The South Kern Math Partnership (SKMP) is a partnership of education, business and community groups that, through the leadership of California State ...
Meet the Principal of Fairfax HS Dave Goldfarb describes the Fairfax HS community as family and enjoys celebrating all the milestones with his students.
Fairfax School Board to meet to discuss proposed budget Fairfax School Board to meet to discuss proposed budget.
Fairfax High school Riot Pt. 3 Part 3 of a riot series at Fairfax high school in Fairfax, VA.
Fairfax school board considers changing school policy Fairfax County school officials are considering a change to the school system's zero tolerance policy. Under the policy, first-time drug offenders face expulsion.
Fairfax school - Sinceritas Laboris Fairfax is an outstanding secondary school in Sutton Coldfield, north of Birmingham. It has over 1400 students enrolled and 270 in the Sixth Form.
Fairfax School Concert. My son playing the clarinet w/the band @ The School Concert.
Sean neill fairfax school 2 This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
Sean neill fairfax school 2 This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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