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Cheesecakes flew to Hong Kong, all the way from San Francisco Cheesecake Factory!
Welcome gift from Captain Lu, Captain Tay and Captain Leonard! Jumpy happy!!!!! Imagine the process of trying to keep it chilled and preventing it melting.
100% effort!!! ...
Spending the last day of vaca with family, yoga, the glass exhibition at the botanical gardens and topping it off with cheesecake 🌞🦋🍰 #stlbotanicalgardens #glassart #outdoorinstallation #powerflow #godivacheesecake #family
쏭라는 #thailettucewraps
난 #godivacheesecake 🧀🍫 👍
Happy Birthday to the newest member of our team! Welcome Laura! @mountvernonflats @lpcse #livelovelincoln #birthdaygirl @cheesecakefactory #godivacheesecake
Although the service here is horrible, the Cheesecakes never disappoint!
First smoke of Gawith Hogarth Balkan Mixture in my Savinelli Lolita First impressions of Balkan Mixture in a new estate pipe and a few thoughts on Lakelands.
Finally, just the two of us. 😍 #godivacheesecake #perfection
Taking brunch alone is seriously a pain when you have so much of varieties, I visited #grandlux 4-5 years ago and I always wanted to come back to feel the environment and the food, I was happy with the excellent ...
Had lunch at The Cheesecake Factory the other day for my birthday! 🎈#godivacheesecake #godiva #fancy #toomuch #thecheesecakefactory #glutenfree 🍰🍫
EDWARD'S PIPE & TOBACCO / SIR ENGLISH PIPE TOBACCO / SINDICATO CIGAR / GODIVA CHEESECAKE - 2017 Enjoying an evening at Edward's Pipe & Tobacco. Trying out Edward's Sir English Blend Pipe Tobacco and a Sindicato Cigar. While we were there, I smoked ...
Cheesecake Factory 😊

Steak Diane with mashed potato and shrimp scampi. Tropical smoothie and iced mango smoothie. Crab cakes and Vietnamese shrimp summer rolls. Vanilla cheese cake and Godiva chocolate cheesecake.

#cheescakefactory #steak #mashpotatoes #shrimpscampi #frozensmoothie #crab #cake #summerrolls #cheesecake ...
How To Smoke a Tobacco Pipe Here is how I pack, light, and smoke tobacco in a pipe. I hope it benefits someone who is learning about pipe tobacco. Discover some more tips for new pipe ...
The team convinced boss-man that I needed #birthdaycheesecake and then they all whispered "Happy Birthday" to me! @bshumway_ with the Quadrant Sector Leader WIN! ;) lol #godivacheesecake #cheesecakefactory #redvelvetcheesecake
傳說中的Godiva CheeseCaKe by CheeseCaKe FacTory 🍰🍰 is quite tasty but a bit sweet #godivacheesecake #cheesecakefactory #happyholiday #foodiehk #happychitchat #hkiggirls
Samuel Gawith Bothy Flake in a new choocher Checking out the ol' Bothy Flake for the first time. This tasty blend is a little different.
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