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Go Kenya 🇰🇪 🎉 This film has won a Student Oscar!! #gokenya #teamkenya #filminkenya #kenyanfilmindustry #watuwote : #254813">https://www.tuko.co.ke/254813-kenyan-film-honoring-mandera-bus-attack-wins-student-oscars-academy-award.html#254813
My uncle and auntie Ivonne. They were cheering the Kenya rugby team @las Vegas, Nevada. #gokenya.
Here's to hoping that some day this can become a reality in Nigeria as well

#airenfoundation #gokenya #girlpower #womensrights #womenshealth #reproductiverights #africanwomen #progression
We are back fam!!!
Keeping it real this time 24\7 , 365!!💯💯
Send your hottest pics to be featured on the all new @kenyan_family
#kenyanfamily #gokenya #demmyjuan
"Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give"

Preparing to fly to Costa Rica next week whilst reminiscing about some of my most memorable trips... Four years ago I spent the summer volunteering in an ...
Cubs play-wrestle in the light of the setting sun in #masaimara. The pride would have had a long afternoon siesta but the cubs become alert and active quicker than the adults, who ready themselves for the evening’s hunt in a ...
Kenya : Teething pain.Necessary for us to enjoy 'nyama choma'. I pray for a successful run-up to the re-run...Sober minds (pun not intended) will prevail. A giant economy, a solid people 🌍🇰🇪✍️👍🙏 #nyamachoma #kenya #gokenya #nairobi #dontquit #fight #justice
Proud of our Athletes remember to watch and cheer team Kenya
Da #kenyan Artiste ya Bad nuh B*mb*Claat!! #gokenya
The Village Creative at work #wildeproductions #heineken #somuchlove a#gokenya
This right here, This is the only way we'll succeed as a country. Let's look beyond the tribe level, and see that we're one big family that has the advantage of diverse cultures. Let's embrace that and build one another.

O Chamado do Senhor é irresistível. Esta foi uma noite memorável em que o Senhor falou tão profundo que não é possível explicar. Deus me fez transbordar do amor dEle, sentir a paz que execede todo entendimento e uma alegria ...
Kenya recalls the vote and another election has been called. People are celebrating in the street. This makes Kenya the first African country to have a presidential poll invalidated by a court #gokenya #kenyaelections2017🇰🇪
"UHURU MUST GO", Kenya Presidential Election Results Protests In Nairobi Mathare | Kenya Protests "UHURU MUST GO" Kenya Presidential Election Results Protests In Nairobi Mathare | Kenya Protests Kenya General Election is set to be done on August 8 ...
Let's Go To Kenya- East Africa I'm in Kenya, this is the video from the very first 5hours I arrived. Was soo stressed so didn't do much but wait for the other videos to see the beauty of this country ...
GoKenya 2017! Jambooo Leute! Auch 2017 waren wieder einige Weiblicker/innen in Kenia, um beim Bau eines weiteren Klassenraums für die New Fuhara School zu helfen.
"Moana" Disney Cover by Kenya Clark (Age 11) Arranged by Masa Fukuda UPDATE: My Moana Cover was just awarded the "BEST MUSIC VIDEO" at the 2017 Utah Music Awards" Thanks to all those who voted for me! I love you guys!
Where Do Broken Hearts Go? : Kenya (SAWI Production) Project in Filipino 10 Saint Louis School Of Pacdal., Inc. Baguio City, Philippines (2600)

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