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Firstly thanks for a great time loves. Finally the three of us get together happened! From Bottlehause to Bodega to Bar Atas to Ril's and I forgot what was the last one we went too but yeah. Here's to more ...
"May mga kwistyuns pa ba kayo?"
Some people are worth falling for♥️ and some aren't💔. #goodtimes #badtimes #promises #worthit #baddecisions
Каждый школьник знает,что есть дорога в школу;
и дорога,которую можно подмести!😊
P.s. Вот,тащимся за знаниями,чтобы потом "получать много денег!" 💰💰💰🙈😂
#moment #goodtimes #september #mood#smile
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