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When the city breaks another promise... #58westhastings #58whastings

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Gregor Robertson is the longest-serving mayor in Vancouver's history, winning elections in 2008, 2011 and 2014, but announced this week he will not run for re-election in October 2018. (Jennifer Gauthier/Metro) #vancouver #gregorrobertson #visionvancouver #mayor #cityhall #citycouncil #vanpoli
We heard there is an opening. You should know in advance that we sugar coat everything. 🙌🏻🗳🍰
Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson has announced he won't be running for another term in the fall. More on what he called an "intensely personal" and "bittersweet" decision on our site — link in bio.
Please give this short article a read and sign the petition! I put the link in my bio. “SRO residents and homeless people need decent, dignified social housing they can afford.” Mayor Gregor Robertson promised 58 W Hastings would be ...
Homeless - This shouldn’t happen in North America’s most desirable city.
#yvr #homeless #poverty #povertyinvancouver #whyisthishappening #dosomething #vancity #gregorrobertson #therichgetricher
A conversation with the Mayor Gregor Robertson on innovation economy and the future of Vancouver #gregorrobertson #visionvancouver #vancouver #pharmacyleaders #talk #firesidechats #innovationeconomy #tech #thefuture
Paying off parking tickets at city hall and saw the mayor #gregorrobertson in the hallway. Swoon!
#love #collagenbabe
Yes lets give the lowlifes at tent city free houses, as they so deserve it. Meanwhile they smash customer windows, steal batteries from vehicles. Great. Who the hell gets to pay for all this. You and me , and do ...
Vancouver’s Mayor Gregor Robertson with Colonel David Awalt, Commander of 39 Canadian Brigade Group after the Remembrance Day ceremony at Victory Square.
On assignment with @canadianforces
#canadaremembers #caf #canoncanada
"On Tuesday November 7th, 2017 the Vancouver Police and Fire Departments raided Sugar Mountain Tent City, opened doors and entered residents’ tents without permission - including the tents of several women, who were asleep in their beds. They stole residents’ ...
Tanggal 19 Oktober di Vancouver, British Columbia, Kanada kini ditetapkan menjadi hari 'Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson'. Piagam penetapan hari tersebut diberikan oleh Walikota Vancouver, Gregor Robertson kepada Dwayne disela syuting film Skyscraper, Kamis (19/10).
Dilansir laman CBC, Sabtu (21/10) ...
I like this guy....he gives good ear scratches 🐶
Don't be afraid, Gregor is not going to put you in jail, you elect him, he doesn't select you! Write your comments #nofilter 🇨🇦#yaletown needs to #vote #jeanswanson 🇨🇦#nomore #gregorrobertson 🇨🇦 #change from West End to Point Grey . . ...
Don't be afraid, Gregor is not going to put you in jail, you elect him, he doesn't select you! Write your comments #nofilter 🇨🇦#yaletown needs to #vote #jeanswanson 🇨🇦#nomore #gregorrobertson 🇨🇦 #change from West End to Point Grey . . ...
When my mayor came to Beijing. #throwback #gregorrobertson #vancouver
Gregor Robertson, Diego Cardona, and Allan Wong in Chinatown What a fantastic morning talking with local business owners and residents of Vancouver's Chinatown! Election Day.
Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson gives a speech of love at protest rally against racism and far-right white supremacists; August 19, 2017.
Mayor Gregor Robertson - Canada150+ Mayor Gregor Robertson describes the three signature events happening in Vancouver to commemorate Canada150+ 1) The Drum Is Calling Festival 2) The Walk For Reconciliation 3) The Gathering...
Statement from Mayor Gregor Robertson on Welcoming Refugees "As Mayor, I'm proud to welcome refugees and new Canadians to our city, and will continue to work with federal and provincial partners as well as local community groups to help give new residents...
Mayor Gregor Robertson & Deputy Mayor Andrea Reimer - winners of the WorldGBC Chairman's Award Mayor Gregor Robertson and Deputy Mayor Andrea Reimer of the City of Vancouver accept the Chairman's Award at the WorldGBC Congress 2016, in Stockholm, Sweden.
Up Front with Mayor Gregor Robertson - Part 3/3 Shaw TV's Fiona Forbes sits down with City of Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson to discuss housing & affordability, transit, 'green' city initiatives, and more!
Mayor Gregor Robertson VS Capt Scotty In A Bike Race To City Hall The Honorable Mayor Gregor Robertson and Captain Scotty from The Jeff O'Neil show have the inaugural Capt Scotty VS Mayor Gregor bike race to City Hall. Vancouver BC.
Chat Central Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson (DARPAN MAGAZINE) Chat Central Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson (DARPAN MAGAZINE)

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