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✨✨✨Step with care and great tact. And remember that life’s a great balancing act. -Dr S ✨✨✨ One of my most mindful practices on and off the mat 🙏🏻😉💙 .

Self care 💕.
6 months off decent exercise my body is feeling soft! So I've decided to get my ass motivated, and started with bikini shots, front back and side to mark progress.
I'll be using the T25 ...
I was serving myself some water from my k8, and my dog kept looking at me as if I had a treat for her! She already had some kangen💧💦 in her bowl, but only wanted fresh off the k8!
#spoiledforkangen ...
Great Morning be My Special Guest 9am Corework Class
Come Join a Family and Motivational Atmosphere of Extraordinary Individuals that All Wanna Help u Win and Achieve your Goals
You Deserve Better Health
Don't let anybody tell You different
The ...
Stop by Kaffebrenneriet for your daily dose of caffeine and cold pressed juice for a real energy boost. You’ll find Daily by Essentially at every Kaffebrenneriet in the country ☕️⠀
#kaffebrenneriet #picoftheday #instadaily #instagood #vscocam #love #health #wellness #healthyliving ...
☀️Cheers to a healthy immune boost for the day! ☀️
Not sure who wanted to drink it more me or Cody!! It's great to see him interested in food and wanting to help make it. Simple healthy boost for ...
Your plate should contain carbohydrates, proteins, vegetables and a bit of healthy fat for a nutritious, balanced meal.
Make sure you vary your vegetables, meat and grain foods and you have a colorful plate.

#nutritiontips #diettips #healthmotivation #healthtips #healthyfood #healthmatters ...
Everyday is a journey and we ought to bring our best to the table, each passing day I have been reminded of the changes in my appearance and I acknowledge the appreciation by taking their inputs and channel it towards ...
When you hook a buddy up with shakeology and the feedback is nothing but positive 👌😎❤ #shakeologylover #beachbody #helpingothers #nutrition #healthmatters #askmehowiknow #freindship #whatarefriendsfor #shake #progress #protein
I hope when you wake up and see this, you smile 😁
When we went through this corn maze we were lost, went in circles, made mistakes, got frustrated and didn’t know which path to take but we made it ...
Look what I added to my taco Tuesday salad tonight... pomegranate seeds.... why... because they have more heart 💗 healthy antioxidants than green tea and red wine. Sweet, tart, crunchy, healthy, and in-season so grab some and toss them in ...
So grateful for this Opportunity! Down 48 pounds, 11% body fat & most importantly I FEEL COMFORTABLE IN MY OWN SKIN 💚. 💚.
💚.Let me help you feel comfortable in your own skin again!
#healthmatters #healthylife #fitmom #helpingothers
Fasting, eating clean, and working out are by far the best way for you to start losing weight like crazy!

Just remember anything worth doing isn't easy! Let's get started we got work to do!

#weightloss #weightlossmotivation #weightlossfoods #weightlossfood #weightlosssupport ...
Tonight dinner was soo good🤤🤤 garlic+rosemary pan seared wild king salmon, @congareeandpenn purple rice, and a goat cheese+pecan arugula salad dressed with garlic olive oil. Ughhh can I have seconds!?🙋🏼 I was lucky enough to have met some of the ...
I love Matcha🌱 Im addicted😲
Did you know Matcha contains L -theanine an amino acid that helps calm your mind so you can deal with stress more effectively and sleep better 👌
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#eatclean ...
Davos 2017 - Mental Health Matters Mental health issues are estimated to cost the Swiss economy around CHF 19 billion, equivalent to 3.2% of GDP, per year in lost ...
Mental Health Matters: Depression and Anxiety in Older Adults On June 8, 2016 the Forum hosted a public talk at McMaster Innovation Park featuring Michael Landsberg, host of TSN's Off The Record and well-known mental ...
Health Matters: Batu Ginjal: Gejala, Pengobatan dan Pencegahannya # 3 Health Matters membahas topik Batu Ginjal: Gejala, Pengobatan dan Pencegahannya bersama Nur Rasyid, Ketua Urology Center RS Siloam Asri dan Sherly ...
Health Matters: Batu Ginjal: Gejala, Pengobatan dan Pencegahannya # 1 Health Matters membahas topik Batu Ginjal: Gejala, Pengobatan dan Pencegahannya bersama Nur Rasyid, Ketua Urology Center RS Siloam Asri dan Sherly ...
Health Matters Now ! This Channel is an all natural approach to health with tips on how to be healthy NOW. Learn how to combat the attack on your body. Quick pointers to keep you ...
Health Matters – Giving every child the best start in life This edition of Health Matters from Public Health England focuses on the early years of child development from pregnancy to age 2. More information: ...

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