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- Emma Lee Nelson ! -
-; loves animals.
-; has like,, 0 friends. (comment to be mark or ethan.)
-; loves aliens like amy.
-; is amy’s sister.
-; needs friends.
-; LOVES chica.
-; singe bab.
| ...
#amyplier #amynelson #peebles #iceddarkroast
Here have another shitty 2x2
"But no one knows the real me. The insane, completely fucked up side of me. The side of me before they showed up...the human side of me..when people knew me as Jaxson Shade, a rebellious teen with a fucked up ...
Hands In The Air || Peebles/IcedDarkRoast/Amy Nelson Edit this is a remake of my second video on this youtube account :)
Woman || IcedDarkRoast what a great day to be gay -WOWIE its been forever since i posted here hi.
Peebles Iceddarkroast Your everyday reptilian graphic designer. Please buy me a medium dunkin iced dark roast with no cream sugar.
Teamiplier Crew At Trampoline Park Featuring: Mark, Sean, Amy, Signe, Ethan, and Kat. Tyler is there but he's the one recording as he had surgery for his knee. That's why he isn't jumping with them. Found on Tyler Twitter:...
What's On My Bookshelf? Get ready for a loooong boy! I'm talking about all the knick-knacks I've fit onto my bookshelf. Strap in because it's going to be a big ol' ramble. ✴Find Me! Website -
GUESS WHAT dancing is all in the elbows i'm sorry it's late but i'm too excited to sleep ✴Find Me! Website - Twitter - Instagram - https://www....
Brewing my holy grail coffee. This is my favorite try-hard recipe for cold brew! Let me know your preferred method of caffeine intake in the comments :^) ✴Find Me! Website - Twitter - https://twitt...
Markiplier Makes: A Sand Castle Have you ever wondered how to make a fantastical Sand Castle? Well look no further! Subscribe Today! ▻ Tyler ▻ Ethan ▻ https://www....

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