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It's official!! 🎉 I have earned my THIRD all-inclusive vacation through my company in 2.5 years! 😻
In 2016, it was a cruise to Jamaica // Nassau with my bestie. 🛳 This year, it was treating my hubby to ...
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هل تدقق دائما في أعمالك قبل تسليمها ام لا؟
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كم تقدر نسبة الخجل عندك؟
🖤She got out of town on the railway, new york bound
Took all except my name
Another alien on broadway
Well, some things in this world you just can't change
Some things you can't see until it gets too late

It's interesting because I feel EVERYTHING until I get fed up and luckily I am able to turn it off.
Hence, the INFJ door slam. .
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#infj #infjproblems Rp from @highitsjules
If anyone follows and is interested in this whole personality type Myers Briggs (MBTI) it's a test they use normally in big companies and no to train and teach people. Psychologists also use it to figure out someone's personality to ...
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إذا أعطيت الأنماط نبتة 🌻.
═ ═ ═ ═ ═ ═ ═ ═ ═
يهتم بالنبتة :
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