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Jackawawa's after bathtime Our 2 Jackawawa's always react like this after being bathed.
Cute little puppy Jackawawa (Jack Russell and chihuahua cross) begs and barks/asks for food! Funny! Archie is the cutest little puppy dog, he's very communicative asking for human food. Archie is a Jackawawa (chihuahua and Jack Russell cross) Cute, barking, ...
Jackawawa enjoying the beach 7 month old puppy loving the sand dunes at south shields beach.
Jackawawa intelligence at 10 weeks This is Bronson my Jackawawa. Less than 15 mins training to retrieve and give a ball back. He's gona be a smart dog.
Tiny Jackawawa puppy. This our 8 week old Jackawawa puppy playing.
Jackawawa puppy's first bark 8 week old jackawawa puppy barking at her new toy.
Gizmo the Jackawawa 13 second salsa dance Little Gizmo the Jackawawa doing his Salsa dance for food.
Puppy Play Time, English Springer Spaniel & Jackawawa, Kell Kelly my English Springer Spaniel (38 weeks old at time of video) having playtime with a friends Jackawawa, Charlie, who is a similar age :-)
Jackawawa crazy spin My chihuahua and 2 jackawawas playing with a friend they met.
Jackawawa Puppies Jack-Chi puppies for sale in Liverpool. Music by Holst and Buddy Holly. I hold no copyright for this music whatsoever and use this music solely for entertainment ...
Jackawawa puppies playing Kenzo and Scout play by the lake at keepers cottage summer 2012.
Baby jackawawa falls off bed too cute This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
Jackawawa commercial (: This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

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Source: abc news - Jackawawa