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Tomorrow there's tag team turmoil in Terre Haute, Indiana! The Gingerverse faces their biggest challenge yet as they defend their tag titles against 3 teams at once!
Just a few clips from @mwowrestling Christmas Clash last month 😎
Well, I didn't stick the landing...but I sure did stick the knee to @coreykerrpro 😎
Dem tippy toes though.
📸 @kimmbuchmann
Soon, and very soon, we are going to see the king. Hallelujah, hallelujah, we are going to see the king.
📸 @kimmbuchmann
Bring da mother f*ckin ruckus.
Jacob Brawn vs @coreykerrpro at IWE on 12/16! Full match can be found on youtube! Follow the link in my bio!
Jacob Brawn(c) vs Corey Kerr for the IWE Heavyweight Title 12/16 Fan cam footage of Jacob Brawn defending the IWE Heavyweight Title against Corey Kerr on 12/16 in Houghton Lake, MI!
"If he dies, he dies"
📸 @kimmbuchmann
Yesterday I met Santa, he was cool.
Last year I won the Secret Santa match, and cashed in my title match opportunity to win the @mwowrestling heavyweight title in the same night. This year, we repeat. And then I will become the first person to simultaneously hold ...
Saturday is the Fight Before Christmas! I'll close out the year still the IWE Heavyweight Champion, but who is the last to fall in 2017?
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📸 @k.hasten 😘
Droppin bodies on the stage.
📸 @kimmbuchmann
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#flexfriday! Good chest day with some triceps. Decided to stay light with more reps and focus on form and working the muscle.
Check the link in my bio and use the code BLACKFRIDAY now-Monday to get 25% off this ...

New merch! Use "BLACKFRIDAY" at checkout to get 25% off now-Monday! Leave a note when purchasing & let me know if you want green lights or red! As always, free shipping in the US! Check the link in my ...
Jacob Brawn (c) vs A Wicked IWE 11/18/17 Fan cam footage of Jacob Brawn defending the IWE Heavyweight Championship against A Wicked on 11/18/17!
#shoulders and #biceps in the books. Also don't mind the pic on the left that I forgot to take while still at the gym 😂
#athlete #gym #gymlife #workout #hardwork #persistence #motivation #believeinyourself #journey #growth #gains #gainz #muscle #muscles ...
Benjamin Brody vs Jacob Brawn (c) for the IWE Heavyweight Championship 10/21/17 Fan cam footage of Benjamin Brody challenging Jacob Brawn for the IWE Heavyweight Championship in the main event on 10/21/17!
"Evil Dirty" Jacob Brawn and "Short Fuse" JJ Hughes vs A Wicked and Benjamin Brody... IWE Heavyweight Champion Jacob Brawn teams up with Team Rating's JJ Hughes to take on A Wicked and Benjamin Brody on Battlezone TV!
Jacob Brawn & Mongo Hammer vs Ben Brody & Bill Blackwell 7/22/16 Jacob Brawn buys the services of the Goodman Detective Agency and hires Mongo Hammer as his partner for tag team action at IWE against Ben Brody and Bill Blackwell.
"Evil Dirty" Jacob Brawn vs "The Bully Killer" Bill Blackwell - IWE Heavyweight Title Match Jacob Brawn discusses issues with Benjamin Brody and makes an open challenge, which unfortunately gets answered by the big Bill Blackwell. 6/24/17.
Jacob Brawn vs Roger Lanier 6/10/17 Fan cam footage of Jacob Brawn vs Roger Lanier to determine the FWF Cruiserweight Champion 6/10/17.
Jacob Brawn highlight video Newest highlight video of "Evil Dirty" Jacob Brawn. Check out upcoming events, merch, and more at https://jacobbrawnpro.com www.facebook.com/jacobbrawnpro www.twitter.com/jacobbrawnpro www.instag...

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