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This Saturday! The Gingerverse's debut at @new_era_wrestling! We're coming for gold on St. Patty's day! Is the luck of the Irish a thing? If so, I don't think @markvandy and I need it πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Ž
Travelling to & wrestling in new places, making new friends, and seeing familiar faces; it's been a good weekend! The long drives are worth it, but I am ready to be home.
The Gingerverse vs Defcon5 vs Legendairy(c) - Tag Team Title Match - New Wave Pro... Jacob Brawn and Mark Vandy, The Gingerverse, attempt to reclaim the New Wave Pro Tag Team Titles from Legendairy (Alexander S. Kirk & Matt O'Hare) and defeat Defcon5 (Corey Storm & Dalton Davis)...
Got to go to The Arnold today for the 1st time ever! I also got to meet @chlojonsson who was a delight even if I was awkward, sleep deprived [from wrestling in Terre Haute, IN the night before], and full ...
That Carpe Knee'em at @mwowrestling Bunkhouse Brawl! 2/25/18
πŸ“½ @k.hasten πŸ“Έ @kimmbuchmann
"Oh. Crap." - a compilation by me.
πŸ“Έ @kimmbuchmann
Well Kris, we always joked around while you called me "Champ" but today it's no joke. Now I got two belts! 2x MWO Heavyweight Champion, and current IWE Heavyweight Champion. Happy Birthday buddy, I love and miss you.
Brian Defiance & Jacob Brawn vs Jc Bunyan & Fireball 2-24-2018 Tag team match featuring Brian Defiance & Jacob Brawn vs JC Bunyan & Fireball for FWF's Rampage at Central Lake Pavilion in Warsaw, Indiana on February 24, 2018.
Tomorrow! Warsaw, IN gets weirrrd...or funky. Whatever. Also, I think Drax might be a ginger? I don't know. Maybe he can join The Gingerverse if he picks us up a win!
#sport #wrestling #prowrestling #professionalwrestling #indiewrestling #independentwrestling ...
Yesterday's shoulder and tricep workout! Despite having a nagging knot in my left trap I had a pretty good workout. Except I'm never doing barbell shrugs ever again lol.
We're getting ready to wrap up week 7 of @efxsports ...
February 3rd, 2018: Corey Storm vs Jacob Brawn More Information [email protected] Purchase Tickets to upcoming events http://newwaveprowrestlin.wixsite.com/newwavepro/store Social Media www.facebook.com/newwavepro TWITTER:...
Overkill? Maybe. Worth it? Absolutely.
Just when they think they've got you, change the game up.
Also, thinking of @beau_biggy & how pretty his bridge is when he hits this.
This Saturday The Gingerverse debuts at New Era Wrestling in Shelbyville, Indiana. Looking to win some tag team gold in our debut!
Also, the entire left side of this flier has been raised by @kongosyris78 and that makes me ...
Jacob Brawn vs Corey O’Shea IWE 2/10/18 Fancam footage! Jacob Brawn defends the IWE Heavyweight Championship against Corey O'Shea at IWE on 2/10/18.
We're 2 days away from another open challenge, and another successful title defense! Jacob Brawn is IWE.
I think we'll call this one "Around the Gingerverse." Did you enjoy the ride, @coreystorm24?
And you can check out the full match on youtube! Jacob Brawn vs Corey Storm NWP 2/3/18
Jacob Brawn vs Corey Storm NWP 2/3/18 Jacob Brawn and Corey Storm go 1 on 1 for the 1st time ever at New Wave Pro!
Tomorrow for the first time ever, Corey Storm and Jacob Brawn go 1 on 1!
PS - I need new promo pics, someone help your boy out πŸ˜‚
Today! I've issued an open challenge to defend the title against anyone who hasn't had a shot yet. Who's gonna answer?
Jacob Brawn issues an open challenge for IWE New Year's Wrestlution Jacob Brawn issues an open challenge for IWE New Year's Wrestlution on 1/27/18.
Sometimes you have to channel your inner Goku, yell Kamehameha, and kick someone in the face.
Let's start the FWF year right, and win back the Cruiserweight Title! This Saturday in Warsaw we're gettin weird.
Tomorrow there's tag team turmoil in Terre Haute, Indiana! The Gingerverse faces their biggest challenge yet as they defend their tag titles against 3 teams at once!
Just a few clips from @mwowrestling Christmas Clash last month 😎
Well, I didn't stick the landing...but I sure did stick the knee to @coreykerrpro 😎
Alex Crow Doesn't Care After the vicious attack at the hands of Jacob Brawn and Jessica Monroe at Trick or Slam, we haven't seen Alex Crow....until now. How will he respond to the attack and the news from his doctor...
Jacob Brawn (c) vs A Wicked IWE 11/18/17 Fan cam footage of Jacob Brawn defending the IWE Heavyweight Championship against A Wicked on 11/18/17!
ONTV: MWO Slammin' Saturday Night - Nov. 2017 The MWO's biggest and brightest stars came out for another exciting episode of Slammin' Saturday Night at the ONTV studio in Lake Orion, MI. Matches include: Dean Boys VS Valor Society, John...

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