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You know, the more I think about Kato Kaelin the more I realize I was wrong. You CAN live the Magnum lifestyle by just mooching off some famous guy.
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Theory 4
Magnum is Kato Kaelin.

Thomas Magnum is living on Robin Master's estate and drinking all the wine he wants for one reason only; he gets Masters cocaine when he's in town. That's right, he's Robin's drug connection.
And ...
Getting ready for a #garage sale tomorrow ... found some old sports cards and look who floats to the top? #ojsimpson #thejuiceisloose #notkidding #fortyyearsago #gianthead #feelingstabby #buffalobills #katokaelin #isotoner #noglovesnoproblem #whitefordbronco #sorrynotsorry
My nigga #thejuice just touched down! Glad u home son, somebody get this poor man some pussy!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚ #nochill #ojsimpson #brucejenner #kaitlynjenner #katokaelin #thestoryofoj #jayz #imnotblackimoj
Kato Kaelin on becoming famous for being O.J. Simpson's houseguest Kato Kaelin, an aspiring actor who had been living in O.J. Simpson's guesthouse at the time of the Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman murders, describes ...
Always fun to meet celebrities at the Playboy Mansion. Here I was able to simultaneously fist bump and give a thumbs up to @kato_kaelin a couple of years ago! #playboy #playboymansion #katokaelin #girlsnextdoor
We had a fun day at Wizard World Con. Piper met Kato Kaelin & was in the kids costume contest, where they all won. And we each got a henna tattoo. It was a great day.
#wizardworldmadison #katokaelin
Sit back, relax, and get ready to have some fun! We chat with @kato_kaelin during @wizardworld #comiccon @nashville @musiccitycenter
Check out www.centerstagemag.com for our full interview, pictures, video, and more! #katoKaelin #wizardworld #nashville #musiccitycenter #cosplay #marvel #dccomics #host #kato #katokaelin ...
Did you get to meet Kato Kaelin today? Don't think so. #wizardworldnashville #wizardworld #katokaelin
Had a nice chat with @kato_kaelin at Wizard World . #katokaelin #wizardworldnashville #nerds #panterapose
Bumped into Kato Kaelin this morning. What a rad dude.
#nashville #conlife #wizardworldnashville #nashvillecomiccon #katokaelin #kato #nashvegas
Howard Stern GRILLS Kato Kaelin about OJ Simpson - (Classic Clip) Following the news that Kato is now hosting a radio show on the same station Howard is on in LA, he gets Kato on the phone to talk about OJ.
EXCLUSIVE: Kato Kaelin on O.J. Simpson Getting Parole: 'He Should Never Be Seen Again' Only ET got Kaelin's reaction as he watched Simpson get parole on Thursday morning. Kaelin says he thinks Simpson should focus on spending time with his ...
Kato Kaelin Weighs In On O.J. Simpson's Early Release Entertainment Tonight watched the parole hearing this morning with Kato Kaelin, O.J.'s former house guest who testified in the criminal trial.
What Kato Kaelin's Life Is Like Today If you're new, Subscribe! β†’ http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-Nicki-Swift Of all the people who got thrust into international infamy as a result of the highly publicized O.J. ...
Kato Kaelin – O.J. Can’t Stay Here! | TMZ TV O.J. Simpson could be out of prison in October, but his famous houseguest says he won't let O.J. use his guest house! Ungrateful. SUBSCRIBE: ...
Kato Kaelin Says O.J. Simpson Should Go Into Hiding After Prison Release, But Not with... Kato Kaelin's not expecting to hear from O.J. Simpson after more than 22 years, when he becomes a free man, but if he gets a call ... he probably won't answer it.
The Howard Stern Show: Kato Kaelin Talks, 1995 w/ Billy West. from The Howard Stern Radio Show, August 1 1995.
OJ Simpson Trial - March 23rd, 1995 - Part 1 OJ Simpson criminal trial from March 23rd, 1995. (Marcia Clark, Robert Shapiro, Testimony From Witness Kato Kaelin, Raw, Uncut)
OJ Simpson Trial - March 22nd, 1995 - Part 2 (Last part) OJ Simpson criminal trial from March 22nd, 1995. (Testimony From Witness Kato Kaelin, Marcia Clark, Raw, Uncut)

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