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Shout to all the beautiful moms...but special shout out to this one here. Haven’t seen too many warriors like her. Get dealt some bad hands by life and genetics but still play the game like a champion.
✈️ 🌅 T I R E D🍹 🌴

It's only Tuesday and I'm ready for a VACATION!  I have booked TOO many things into my week this week - leaving me struggling to keep up AND not sleeping well!  I took a ...
When you miss your connection and there’s time for a snack! #lemonstolemonade
#maryjblige is the first person to be nominated for Best Original Song and Best Supporting Actress in the same year, for the same film....my heart is smiling💛
@therealmaryjblige it's your year!
If you haven't seen the movie you're missing out.
Never throw your hand in bc you don’t have any spades ♠️ #lemonstolemonade #lifeiswhatyoumakeit
#sweatyselfie after this VERY LONG day!
Fisters, I've had a bad day. A very bad day. Lots of little things that added up to create just an off, overly mondayish day. Probably the cherry on top, or the biggest ...
💻 P O D C A S T 💻 Today I will be recording one of my first episodes of my NEW podcast!  I am SO excited to get started on something I've wanted to accomplish for the past TWO ...
What is disruption trying to teach you today? My latest blog post explores some of the ways you can get the most out of the unexpected. .
#coaching #lifecoaching #expatlife #snowday #shutdown2018 #makingthebestofthings #lemonstolemonade #icanhandlethis #workfromhome
If only politicians knew how to play nice and work together versus acting like five-years olds in the sandbox. Welp...since I’m out of job for the moment, guess I can work on dissertation some more. Maybe I’ll binge watch some ...
Double Whammy today, drive belt fell apart then a hose started leaking coolant. Swapped the belt out and patched the hose with electrical tape and tapped the coolant tank off with water :) despite these events, this snowmobile is amazing! ...
You know when you light a fire work and you get way hyped for it to go off.. then it doesn’t? Yeah.. that’s how I feel about this winter. Still trying to make the best with what we got. Thankful ...
It’s #sunday and I know a lot of us get grumpy about the weekend coming to an end !!
Let’s turn that around and get #excited about the week ahead !!
It means we’re getting closer to #launch and for ...
Her energy. This vibe. This is what I’m on this morning!!!!!😀😁😆😆😊
#goodmorning #goodmorningpost #lemon #lemonstolemonade #bodypositive #effyourbeautystandards #positivevibes #positiveenergy #letsdothis #letsgo #happy #blackgirlmagic #carefree
Just a bit of the old sanding and primer, sanding and primer... I was a bit bummed when I realized that a head on collision with a fire hydrant had bent the down tube of my classic steel frame Trek ...
What do you do when you cant find elbow support sraps to fit you? Use knee straps instead! #bigmanproblems #onlyyoucanstopyou #lemonstolemonade
As long as I'm in a better place (mentally, physically, spiritually) than I was this time in 2017 I'm making the right moves!!! Let whoever think & say whatever JUST GET BETTER!!!👣🏆#lemonstolemonade #lemonadestand #levelup
If you get lemons, make lemonade? ~ Gus #nationalfreshsqueezedjuiceweek #lemonstolemonade
Phillip Thompson talks about Lemons to Lemonade Rally In response to a White Supremacist Rally held in Boise on September 30, the Idaho Black History Museum rallied the community to celebrate Boise's diversity and inclusion. They set up a performanc...
NAMI GA Conference - Lemons To Lemonade A speech @ NAMI GA Conference by Cool Moms Dance Too Founder Quyionah "Coolmaqui" Wingfield.
From Lemons to Lemonade Situations arise that aren't always the ones we want. How do we become greater than the conditions we face to create a life of meaning and purpose?
From Lemons to Lemonade The highlight of 3-day project-based learning.
Bring It Season 4 episode 13 "Lemons to "Lemonade?"" Stars, Diamonds, and Dolls, Beyonce 10.0, Dana gets Tina all the way together, mirror mirror challenge doesn't go the way the Dolls wanted it too...
Bring It! - Lemons to Lemonade? (Season 4, Episode 13) | Fridays at 9/8c | Lifetime The Dancing Dolls must face their hometown rivals, so Coach D goes all out with a Beyoncé-inspired creative that has the girls attempting to perform in a pool. Watch new episodes Fridays at...

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