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ONISION, KEEMSTAR, SHANE DAWSON & WHITNEY WISCONSIN RANT I do not wish any of the people I rant about any disrespect, just exercising my human right to free speech. I just wanna understand why each of these men do the things they do. I don't mean...
Litney Leafconsin The Dog Fucker I'm reuploading this so that it doesn't get deleted or anything by the people who already have it posted. I won't be deleting it, unless YouTube takes it down, and idk why they would do that....
Most Ratchet Girl on YouTube plus Bonus! What is ratchet? Well this video will explain it and will also go into detail as to why I believe certain people on YouTube are exactly that! Help keep this channel going!
I FOUND THE DOG FUCKER ON XNXX The only thing there is to say is im scared for lyf Music used Undertale Bonetrousle Getter - Head Splitter the link is over at my twitter
dog fucker roast roasting the nastiest girl on youtube.
Rebecca Bielinski - Dog Fucker (Whitney Wisconsin Diss Song) iAm Baack from my breaak w/ a new firee mixtapee' ! ('; Whitney Wisconsin fucks doqs , && she doesnt deserve a man likee Leafy' . #LeafyAndRebecca LYRICS: girl yo hair look like celery no...
Leafy & Whitney Youtube Love Drama (Hot Youtube Drama) REACTION 1 like for every dog that got f*cked ... (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) LeafyisHere and Whitney Winsconsin (Or Litney Leafconsin?) had a very big youtube love drama in which Leafy accepted to date her if...
Brisket dead channel. dead inside. hell ye boi.

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