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How to Hang Artwork so it Looks Fabulous Easy Step by Step instructions on how to hang a piece of artwork on the wall.
How to Choose the Best Sized Art for your Space How to Choose the Best Sized Art for your Space. To sign up for my email list, visit
Gallery Talks: Constructing Identity February 11, 2017 Gallery Talks for Constructing Identity. Constructing Identity: Petrucci Family Foundation Collection of African-American Art brings together ...
Imperfection and Contemporary Organic Sculpture Maggie Minor Designs Introduction to Maggie Minor's viewpoint on imperfection and contemporary organic ceramic sculpture....what do you think of imperfection and fine art?
Understanding the Mind of a Modern Organic Sculptor Interview by Jen Aly about the new book Adventures of a Curious Sculptor by Maggie Minor Advice from art professionals on inspiration and how your ...
Advice on Writing a Book Advice on writing a book from my recent experience publishing Adventures of a Curious Sculptor.
Prepare my Book for Publication London REAL giving me a push to finish the back cover of my book for publication.
Plants and Succulents as Inspiration for Scupture How plants and succulents inspire the shape and color of Maggie Minor's sculpture.
The Inspiration of Possibilities - Chapter One Supplement Describing how studying abroad in England opened me up to the possibility of possibility and ultimately inspired me to be an experimental modern fine artist and ...
Sculpture Inspiration from Lava by Maggie Minor Designs An introduction into the lava sculpture that inspired my orange and gold modern organic sculpture pieces. To learn more about my work and see available ...
July 5, 2016 Dare Week on London REAL Academy.
Maggie's Hero's Journey My Hero's Journey - take 1. Part of the mastermind series at the London REAL Academy.
Goals Video for London REAL My Goals for the London REAL Academy - Design Challenge.
Video Blog 3 Maggie Minor Designs Question of the Week - What is the Philosophy of My Work?
The Technique for Creating my Organic Sculptures Welcome to my video blog. Question of the week - What is my hand-building technique?
Video Blog 1 3A2B6420 45DA 4292 A043 D99511C86C0E Welcome to my first video blog. Question of the week: How did I become interested in ceramics.
Maggie Minor Designs Hi. I'm Maggie. I'm a sculptor, painter, and home decor designer. I believe that everyone's home should reflect how fabulous they are....and that includes you!
The Organic Artist Discover Deb's remarkable journey into the world of art.
UNIT 3 Project in conversation with Silvia Krupinska Interviewing Silvia Krupinska, one of the Unit 3 Projects artists from the Unit 3 Projects ...
highframerate.mp4 Highspeed digital capture of fire breathing.
sculpture rammante2 sculpture of carolina blanco created between2005-2007. calacatta marble.

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