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Project: #pdshouldermountrollout
If you aren’t quite ready to commit to the rolling flip in this week’s #weekendpowerpoleproject, #pdshouldermountrollout, here’s an AWESOME prep/pre-requisite skill for you from @faypole_29!! 😃 Master rolling out into ...
Last nights Shamrock Shake hosted by @allyschmoo was so much fun! @flirtfitnessstudiogr
Group dance at the end of class with @t.a.y.s.t.e.e
Thank you @errrmma for this awesome footage
Watch to see me twerking on my head 😎
#twerking #twerktastic #twerkthatass ...
Я сделала!! Я это сделала! Скайлайн, друзья! #pdskyline
Боже, как я страдала! Сколько времени и сил ушло на этот элемент! Тело мне ещё долго будет припоминать)
Наконец-то! Довольна, как слон😁
#skyline #polesport #poletrick #formasaransk #polevideo #polecombo
Aloooouuu mundooo Up!!!
Olha o recado do @dimitrypolitov pra vocês!!!
Nós estamos aqui ansiosos esperando por todos vocês!
Welcome Dimitry!! 🇧🇷
Em Novembro na @updancestudio .
▪️[email protected]
O bom de ter representante da Up fora do ...
This term is a term of new challenges for me, in terms of wanting to be a better dancer, stronger and having better stamina.

Which is why I decided to take 3 classes this term and 2 lyrical classes back ...
AMAZING POLE WORKSHOP by @blackbirdmelbourne Fontaine @slapdancestudio 😍😘🤗❤💘💖
Polewear : @radpolewear .
.. Gosshhhh....so in loveeee with her crazy powerful bendy fluid techniques!!!💖💘❤❤❤❤ .
Practicing some pole techniques by @blackbirdmelbourne😍🤗😃😄❤💘💖💪💪💪💪

#cheetahdpole #poleinspiration ...
99% of the time I jump on my pole without knowing what I am going to do.
I love the creativity.
The passion.
Мы вернулись ❤️ 🔥
💫 Peter Pan pole move. Watch full tutorial on YouTube, follow it, active link is here @poledream . 💫 Питер Пен - смотрите полный видеоурок на ютуб канале, ссылка в описании @poledream . 🙌 Tutorial by Alesia Schneider @alesia_poledance .
¡Poooooorrr fiiiinnnn! Me salió #pdcoscrew 💥

Perdí la cuenta del tiempo y la cantidad de morados en los brazos y la cadera que tuve que pasar para lograrlo... Sin mencionar la paciencia de @polesbetsa para no ahorcarme de tanto repetirme ...
Happy Friday! Here is a mini inside leg hang drop 😊 @cassandraploucha teaching me all the pretty moves 😍💖
#poleworkout #poledancing #poledance #poledancer #polefitness #polesport #poledancersofinstagram #pdofinstagram #pole #poleinvert #polestrong #polestrength #polestatic #polevideo #fitness #womensfitness #polefit #getfit #polecommunity #polesisters #polelove ...
Some days I just want to spin, FAST. 🤭
A little clip of some of tonight’s #choreo This is my favourite routine yet! Absolutely loved teaching it!! Can’t wait for week 3! #choreography #polechoreography #poledance #floorwork #flow #poledancer #poledancersofig #fridaynight #fridayfun #worthing #polepassion #polepassionworthing #heels #heelsdance #poleheels #heelsaddict #polevideo ...
Oru Thee Pole Video Song | Aadu 2 | Shaan Rahman | Hesham Abdul Wahab | Jayasurya Presenting you the Video Song of Oru Thee Pole From Aadu 2 :) Song Name : Oru Thee Pole Lyrics : B.K. Harinarayanan Music : Shaan Rahman Singer : Hesham Abdul Wahab Listen in Saavn : https://go...
EXOTIC POLE VIDEO - SEX ON FIRE | QUAN BUI SEX ON FIRE - EXOTIC POLE VIDEO - Quan Bui | Visual Video starring by Quan Bui produced // directed // edited by Hung Ba photo by Hai Le camera by Thien Tri // Khanh Khanh makeup by Ruan Dang...
Kaathadi Pole Video Song 4K | Maayavi Tamil Movie Songs | Suriya | Jyothika | DSP | Sathyan Kaathadi Pole Video Song 4K, Maayavan Tamil Movie Songs on AP International. #Maayavi Tamil movie ft. Suriya & Jyothika. Directed by Singampuli. Music by Devi Sri Prasad. Produced by Bala...
Intro to Aerial Pole Video Take your fitness experience to new heights. Come fly with us with this ALL level pole class where you will do tricks and spins both on the pole... and with aerial silks as your support and...
Nilaavenna Pole Video Song | Sree Ayyappanum Vavarum | S Janaki | Malayalam Old Super Hit Songs Song Name : Nilaavenna Pole Movie Name : Sree Ayyappanum Vavarum Music : A T Ummer Lyrics : Poovachal Khader Singers : S Janaki ---Lyrics --- ആ..ആ.ആ.ആ നിലാവെന്ന...
DIY Stake out Pin PVC Anchor Pole Video Check out our website!!! http://www.ultraskiff.com In this DIY Instructional Video we demonstrate how to build a makeshift PVC Anchor Pole for under $10 in under 10 minutes. We leave...
HABBOCITY - Rejoins le pôle vidéo ! City recrute des monteurs, réalisateurs, créateurs... Pour rejoindre le pôle vidéo, rends toi sur http://www.habbocity.me !
TN-07 AL 4777 - Kanneerai Pole Video Song | Pasupathy | Ajmal Ameer | Vijay Antony Directed by A. Lakshmikanthan Produced by Mahadevan Ganesh , Usha Venkatraman Written by A. Lakshmikanthan Story by Rajat Arora Starring Pasupathy Ajmal Ameer Simran Bagga Meenakshi Music...

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