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@borgprincess review of #poptartia is up on beejuboxes.com as well 😻
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Here's my second June box from @poptaria - this was the Junior Girls box with a Wonderland theme! So cute, I loved this! 💕

SnowyGaming Hiya there,Welcome to my lame account!!! On this account,I'll be uploading gaming content,that'll blow your mind If I can make you laugh you've gotta subscribe,Deal.
Poptartia and the 4 Aliens (Elective project) We bring to you, the most delicious, most delectable and the tastiest cake pops ever! 4 aliens, namely; Harvey, Chloe, Steve and Ethan are Poptartians who recently visited the Earth to find...
UFO/Best incredible sightings-ET. intelligences visited earth,Openig the message, Everyone humankind of earth,don't fear, ET. intelligences visited earth, These objects guided wise men of the Orient at the birthplace of Jesus, These objects is same as 'Star of Bethlehem'...
"From Whence He Came" science fiction short film part 3 of 3 This is a short film made by a group of friends in 1992. In the concluding segment, Lee Pruitt looks for the answers he has sought all his life and finds them, or does he? See for yourself.

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Source: abc news - Poptartia
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