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Slowly but surely 💪🏾 Morning everyone. Happy 😃 coding.
Apple is seeking a data science and machine learning intern to join the Apple Maps Routing and Traffic team in 2018. This team works on some of the most challenging and impactful big data problems in the industry today, making ...
That perfect shed #shedding #snakeshedding #snakeshed #snakes #newclothes #python #junglepython 😍
#thevoice star #chrisweaver wearing @FleurdPins’ black python camellia🖤
#repost @chrisweaver ・・・
The first photo from one of my latest photoshoots!!! So excited for y'all to see this!!!!
- 📸: @AndrewWerner
#andrewwernerphotography #teamjhud
Новинка!!! В наличии! Бампер с натуральной кожей питона для iPhone 7/8 насыщенного винного цвета. Использована кожа питона идеальной выделки "rubber". Дно бампера выполнено из поликарбоната, борта-из очень плотного силикона, больше напоминающего резину. В совокупности это обеспечивает идеальную защиту для вашего ...
I got through this somehow 😩🙌🏼 #python
Kade checking out the #python #snake brought in for the #petpals class at #homeschool #coop #unschooling
Time for some new clothes 😍😘
#snake #snakes #python #junglepython on
Little Ryuk in his favourite Dinosaur Skull! 🐾 💖 🐾
Current Brookfield House Snakes:
🐍 Khari - CB13 ♂ Kenyan Sand Boa
🐍 Lia - CB17 ♀ Mex Mex
🐍 Khaleesi - CB17 ♀ Striped Caramel Jag, Het. Axanthic ...



#爬虫類 #はちうるい #ボールパイソン #python #セイブシシバナヘビ #レオパ #レオパードゲッコー #ヒョウモントカゲモドキ
Braucht ihr frische Rezepte und Projekte für euren Raspi? Neu im heise shop: das c't Sonderheft zum kleinen Kraftpaket für Einsteiger, Profis, Gamer und Bastler! 🔩🕹👩🏻‍🏭
Mit Sonderangebot für das Pi Desktop-Bundle!
#ct #heise #it #itk #maker ...
Я безумно люблю змей😍Во-первых - сложностей и трудностей с ними в разы меньше, чем с собаками и кошками. Змею не надо выгуливать в любую погоду, со змеи не сыпется шерсть по всей квартире, змея не будет целый день выть или ...
🐯🐯🐯 #howtowearyouromnis
Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse Fighting Giant Python Funny Story! Finger Family Song Nursery Rhymes... Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse Fighting Giant Python Funny Story! Finger Family Song Nursery Rhymes #2.
Exercício Python #044 - Gerenciador de Pagamentos Exercício Python 044: Elabore um programa que calcule o valor a ser pago por um produto, considerando o seu preço normal e condição de pagamento: - à ...
The Best Free Course on Python – Learn Python Programming Join the VIP wait list now and get your backstage pass so you're the first one to know when I launch this course...
Three year old child rides a 20ft long python | FULL VIDEO Giggling toddler 'rides' enormous 20ft python 'like horse' during deadly floods Three year old child rides a 20ft long python Incredible moment three year old boy ...
Bizarre boy riding a giant python during flood in Vietnam The enormous 20ft long snake is kept as a pet at the family's home in Thanh Hoa province, northern Vietnam.
Whoa! Indonesian Man Nearly Loses Arm Battling 25-Foot Python A security guard nearly lost an arm in a brutal battle with a 25ft python - which was later chopped up and fried by hungry Indonesian villagers. Robert Nababan ...
Indonesian Man Wins Fight To The Death With Giant Python An Indonesian man has won an exhausting fight to the death against a 23ft-long python which left him with horrific injuries. Brave Robert Nababan was on his ...
Lambda Expressions & Anonymous Functions || Python Tutorial || Learn Python Programming Lambda expressions - also known as “anonymous functions” - allow you to create and use a function in a single line. They are useful when you need a short ...

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