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Beautiful island, beautiful beach, beautiful view, and most important of all, beautiful company. We have so much to thank for. No matter what’s going on in your life, always thank Allah Subhanahu Wata’ala.
#lombok #sunset #quncivillas #onceuponatime #lovelydays
Initially I was so sad to move from our beachfront villa to the pool villa, but now I’m settled in and very happy #quncivillas #qemuningvilla #freedom #travel #yes #relaxation #lombok #privatepool #privatepoolvilla
Minun on pitänyt kirjoittaa blogiini näistä ihanista paratiiseista, joita Lombokin saarelta löysin, mutta arki on vienyt tehokkaasti aikani.
Kun tästä viikosta on selvitty, yritän ehtiä istahtamaan ja kertomaan. Siellä oli nimittäin paljon hyvää ja kaunista 💚🌴☀️
Worth waking up for; ocean view breakfast & that👨in white 🍽🌊
@ilovelombok #quncivillas
The world awaits for those brave enough to take the first step. Luckily, there are those soul sisters in life who help you along the way ♡
Sunset at Lombok 📸: @salehauf
Breakfast Tday - French Toast @Qunci Villas, Lombok #indonesia #breakfastscene #breakfast #frenchtoast #sunday #food #foodie #foodgasm #foodporn #instafood #quncivillas #morning #sundaybreakfast #sundayfunday
Qunci Villas from Sunrise to Sunset This collection of scenes (both aerial and ground, and video and timelapse) was shot over the course of one week at Qunci Villas in Lombok to illustrate the sunrise to sunset experience at...
RECETTE MARTABAK MANIS - QUNCI VILLAS LOMBOK - CARL IS COOKING Aujourd'hui, on fait des Martabak Manis à la Qunci Villas Lombok en Indonésie avec le chef Gianluca Visciglia. C'est un dessert typiquement asiatique :) Pour voir mes nouvelles vidéos,...
CHI AND KAU ON HOLIDAY - LOMBOK 2016 CHI AND KAU ON HOLIDAY ☀ We stayed at Qunci Villas Lombok for a week (great views, service and food). We explored the south beaches of Lombok - Selong Belanak (where we saw lots of...
Driving from Lombok Airport to Qunci Villas in Lombok Our wonderful Qunci driver, Mr Ajis, drove us from Lombok Airport to Qunci Villas - July 2016. The trip was certainly an eye-opener for all of us and so interesting. What a great intro to...
Qunci Villas Chef in the wild series June 2016 Feature Chef Ben Sears and Eun... Qunci Villas Chef in the wild series June 2016 Feature Chef Ben Sears and Eun Hee An.
Lombok Wedding - THE WEDDING OF JACK & ICHA AT QUNCI VILLAS , 14th FEBRUARY 2016 Beautiful White Wedding of Jack and Icha, held at Qunci Villas, Lombok on Valentines Day, 2016.
50 FREE Stay Giveaway - Qunci Villas Thanks You for a Great 2015 Qunci Villas had a GREAT 2015! To thank you for all your amazing support, we are giving away 50 FREE 2 night stays during our Month of Love Celebration (20 January- March 15 2016)! Send us...

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