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trust deserves more recognition.
I havent posted but what happened in manchester a couple days ago is freaking horrible, why in the world are people actually like that, Its crazy
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I sleep at 4 everyday because of this egghead bean :) @justinbieber
I wonder how it feels if i do a conversation with justin and when i speak he's focus staring at me😍😍❤️
i hope i can get the new merch😩😩
I hit her like a hobby 😏
i forgot who recoloured this but whatever. i've had such a bad day and it's so hard trying to cover up your emotions with a smile especially when you go on your phone expecting to be happy then feeling even ...
Yeah I'm an alien my swag Is out of this world, different galaxy.
Waiting for a new collab
I'm cooking tonight pray I don't burn the house down
Justin Bieber & Josh Mehl Snapchat "rickthesizzler" car ride - Los Angeles California, June 25, 2015 about NBA Draft, how to wear a hat, chewing gum in Los Angeles, California, USA via rickthesizzler video on snapchat on the 25th of June 2015 ( 25/06/15 ) JB ...
Justin Bieber (Rickthesizzler & More) SNAPCHAT Since we all miss Justin posting on snapchat, I've decided to do a video of all of his snapchats. I hope y'all enjoy. INSTAGRAM: Holybiebah.
Justin Bieber | All Snapchat Stories | December 2015 | Rickthesizzler | HD Justin Bieber | Rickthesizzler | All Snapchat Stories | December 2015 | HD Ten film powstał przy użyciu Edytora wideo YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/editor)

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