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Art of Combat - KICKBOXING Continuing my "Art of Combat" highlight / tribute series, this time its kickboxing! Boxing version here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2Ub97omk1A Song: Maybeshewill - He films the clouds...
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Baseball bat choke Andrew Pardee BJJ Weirton, WV Baseball bat choke from bottom half. by Coach Andrew Pardee https://www.Andrewpardeebjj.com.
Brent Walter PDS test video test video for PDS demonstration at Ryoma in Frostburg, MD.
Aikido - jiyuwaza A couple years back, playing around after an evening class at Ryu Honbu Dojo. Uchideshi - Jim Dawes and Suzuki Ryoma.
Special Talk with Ryoma-kun, a karate man from Canada CSTOYS' Alternative Show" is one of our live stream shows at our YouTube Channel (http://bit.ly/1FBFEEr ). We do this show every Saturday, 2 - 4 PM J.S.T. and we unbox the newly arrived...
SKA Training: Shime on Brad Candy The whole idea of this exercise is to train the body as much as the mind. This is not pointless punches or a punishmen. We push our bodies to a higher level of body conditioning, we focus the...
2014 Raven's State Kumite Championship Match 1 10/25/14 PA State Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation Grappling Championships in Pittsburgh at Keystone Oaks High School.
COPA NOVA W13 No Gi Quarter Finals Match Adult No Gi Beginners Middle Weight W by Armbar.
Academy of Combat: Yeung Baek MMA UMAF 10 http://www.academyofcombat.co.nz 17 year old Yeung Baek making his mixed martial arts debut at UMAF 10 on the 28th of July 2013 at Roy Stokes Hall in Christchurch. A very dynamic and exciting fight.
Matt Stock vs Mitch Schaffer - 6/29/13 MMA Fight HD Matt Stock vs Mitch Schaffer June 29, 2013 FFI - Fist and Fins I Margaritaville Event Center Biloxi, MS.
Justin (Pa Combat Sports) vs. Competitor (Renzo Gracie Pittsburgh) | 2013 Kumite Classic BJJ Finals Justin Kantorik, of Pennsylvania Combat Sports, in the finals of his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu white belt division at the 2013 Kumite Classic. Opponent was competitor representing Renzo Gracie Pittsburgh...
Promotion night Evolve Academy BJJ Promtion Night June 27 2013.
Shorinji Kempo. The students of Momoyama Gakuin University in Osaka at Shorinji Kempo practice. The song I used is 'We Love to Boogie' by T.Rex. Watch in HD. Shorinji Kempo* (少林寺拳法 shōrinji-kenpō?)...
Matt Shaffer (Ryoma Academy) @ Copa Nova Matt Shaffer from Ryoma Academy grappling in the advanced No-Gi cruiserweight division at Copa Nova BJJ tournament 1/19/13.
Zach and Roberto Zach and Roberto at Evolve academy fo the NoGi promotions. Roberto is going for his Purple belt.
Time lapse video of light Jiu jitzu rolling 3000 frames of BJJ taken every 3 seconds then played at 5fps.
Grappling at the Pennsylvania Combat Games Matt Shaffer of Ryoma Academy in Frostburg, MD No-Gi Grappling in the Advanced/Expert Division at the Pennsylvania Combat Games. Matt wins via RNC at 14:30.
Matt Shaffer (Ryoma Academy) Blue Belt Gi Matt competing for 3rd place at the PA combat games submission only tournament.
Sweep from open guard Sweep from guard to open guard using the gi to sweep ending on sidecontrol.
2011 Arnold Classic First Match Blue Belt Advance.3GP 2011 Arnold Classic First Match Blue Belt Advance Andrew Pardee(Shawn Hammonds/Lloyd Irvin BJJ) .
Andrew Pardee doing a triangle choke Andrew Pardee Triangle Choke on Allen at Top Form Karate Studio.
KickBoxing Matt Larkins Two fighters I was seeing for the first time really impressed me. Matt Larkins had one previous fight and made it two from two when he defeated Nick Schwazer with a very tidy display. He fights...

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