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Samsung gear 360 outside with Z Today took out the 360 camera to check out some baby birds n such.
White turd update Forgetting to post my blog up here so here is a short update on the white turd aka 1996 Honda civic lx.
New series announcement First of many episodes First episodes going to be some upgrades to the white turd. #whiteturd.
Twisted mind podcast bts with Z also Zvlog09 Me recording during my podcast Twisted Mind with Z, also this will be a vlog_09 as well.
Vlog_08 Little Z and big Z's vlog number Eight.
Vlog_07 Very short weekly update vlog.
Z vlog5 weekly recap of the life of Z.
#1vlog My first short vlog with 5month old son talking about my new channel and studio update.
KIKI AND PRESILLA Kiki cat and presilla dog playing outside.
Joseph Zbylut This is my vlog channel as of 2017.

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