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ساختمان حدید شهرداری شیراز
کیا میدونن کجاست؟
Our Shiraz is elegant & complex. A great example of a cooler climate Shiraz that pairs perfectly with a pork roast & great company of course.👌

#raidisestate #livingthedream #winelifestyle #wineandfoodpairing #shiraz #coonawarra #coonawarrawine #porkroast #roastmeat #ichoosesa ...
گاهی به خودم میگم ؛اگه حس ميكنى ميخواى جا بزنى ، به اين فكر كن كه چقدر راه تا اينجا اومدى
عاشق درست کردن عروسکم ❤️❤️❤️ #عروسک
سایز ۳۰ سانت
دست و پا متحرک

پ.ن:😍😍دوستش دارم
نتیجه امتحان کردن چند ...
All smiles about our first hand delivery! If you live locally to Hove you can expect your order to be hand delivered at a time that best suits you for free! P.s this was a cute father&daughter moment🥂🎁
Taking a leap across the globe from Scotland to Australia with this Melbourne based Whisky - Starward (matured in Shiraz casks)✨💫🎆
#australianwhisky #whisky #starward #winecask #shiraz #drinks
نمونه کار هنرجوی عزیزم
طراحی حرفه ای حنا عروس و همراهان
طراحی حنا مشکی و قهوه ای با حنای مخصوص صالون
نقوش فانتزی و هندی و عربی و غیره
اموزش خصوصی حنا
ساکن شیراز
تلفن جهت هماهنگی:
حنای گیسو
طراحی و اجرا: استـــــودیو بنــــــــ ـیاد
مکان پروژه: شیراز - خیابان ساحلی
سال اجرا:۱۳۹۶
Design by: @amir_seyfi| @m.amirranjbar
#architeture #architect #art #design #construction #innovations #project #brick #wall #wood #light #kitchen #studio_bonne_yad #expose #shiraz
Shiraz - Sahar Sahar [Official Music Video] (2017) /شيراز - سهر سهر Shiraz - Sahar Sahar [Official Music Video] (2017) /شيراز - سهر سهر Directed By: Ahmad Al Mounajed Written By: Mohamed Atef Abdelrazek Composed By: Mohamed Yehia Arranged By: Khalid...
IRAN TRAVEL || Shiraz City, Bazaar Shopping & Vegan Food! My first week in Iran!!!! After waiting 2 weeks in Armenia not knowing if we were going to all get our Visa's for Iran, we were extremely happy to finally receive them and get moving with our...
Shiraz Iran. Is it Safe? Walking street tour part 2 A walking street tour on the streets of Shiraz in Iran. Exploring the modern part of the city with a local friend.
Diverse Shiraz - Top Things to do & Tips (Inside Iran, Episode 03) On the 3rd stop of our Iran trip we explore the diverse city of Shiraz - we show you cool things to do in Shiraz, try some Iranian fast food and visit historic Persepolis. ➸ Iran Guide...
Shiraz performing at Beirut Marathon (live) 2016 featuring the songs: Ayesh Ma3aya, Gamara, Kif baddak 3anni tghib, Sahart 3youni in front of more than 40 000 people.
شيراز | عايش معايا | (Shiraz | Ayesh Ma3ya (Audio إنتاج: LIfeStylez Studios كلمات: محمد رفاعي ألحان: جان صليبا توزيع: Behim Avmedoski Aka Bekito ميكس وتسجيل: ايلي بربر ستوديو: هادي...
[LYRICS] Shiraz - kif badak 3ani tghib - English Translated Subtitle Shiraz - kif badak 3ani tghib with Arabic lyrics and English translation Subtitle.
شيراز | قمرة | (Shiraz | Gamara (Music Video إنتاج: LIfeStylez Studios كلمات: محمد رحيم ألحان: محمد رحيم وجان صليبا توزيع: ناصر الأسعد تسجيل: ناصر الأسعد اخراج:...
المطربة شيراز قبل وبعد التجميل - shiraz singer before and after surgery المطربة اللبنانية شيراز قبل وبعد التجميل The Lebanese Singer Shiraz Before And After Plastic Surgery.

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