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@thiagobombaa 👊🏼🤘🏼🇧🇷 #longboard_brazil
#westblaak sesh with @lewisramos3 @boriszuidhof @jrvvorst and @wouterdeyoung
Mano Derek numero 2 da prole em casa de 4, muita coisa envolvida hehehe
#skatefam #skate #skateboarding #sk8life #skatekids #skateboard #skatetrip #skatefamily #skater #skateevolution #mylife #skatetreino #minirampa #auladeskate #skatemae #ettores #ettorededicacao
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Big Brother - Skateboard Magazine
Stupid Magazine - 1992

@bigbrotherskateboardmag #bigbrothermagazine #bigbrother #magazine #stupid #stupidmagazine #skateboardmagazine #classic #oldschool #skateboard #stickers #skateboardstickers #graphicdesign #vintage
Next season Supreme and Bape are teaming up for their first collaboration in over 10 years not much information is out right now but we'll know more in time
- #supreme #supremeforsale #supremenyc #supremebogo #supremenewyork ...
BEST SKATEBOARDING TRICKS 2017 || #33 Skateboarding is one of the most popular types of extreme sports. Skate can be used as the vehicle or as a sporting tool to perform various skateboarding tricks.
SKATEBOARD STUNT CHALLENGE! (Dangerous!) 2nd vlog by BroVsBro! More vlogs coming up! GunVsGun are vlogging now! This time in a skatepark! Danny Gun thinks he's a skateboard pro! SUBSCRIBE: ...
A Cool Skateboard I live stream and you should come watch #vinerevival Yea this is a remake of an old vid.
SKATEBOARDING with Haru the Shiba Inu! Haru the Shiba Inu skateboards and also pulls her humans on skateboards! enjoy! Haru's Shop @ Haru's Facebook @ Haru The ...
Everything You Need To Build A Skateboard. And a Skateboard Tool! You'll need a tool to assemble it of course. Sorry that I forgot that. Also I'm, sorry that you're getting two setup videos back to back.
10 Stupidest Skateboard Tricks 10 Stupidest Skateboard Tricks What was I thinking with this one? For some reason I've had the idea to make this video for a while and I finally decided to do it ...
PICKLE RICK SKATEBOARD GRIPTAPE ART! RICK AND MORTY has to be one of my favorite shows to watch so i felt like Pickle Rick Grip had to be made. Its been awhile since i've posted a grip art video ...
SUPER MASSIVE 12 INCH WIDE SKATEBOARD! Today we skate on a super massive 12 inch wide skateboard. This board is completely incredible and was a ton of fun to skate on! I really hope you guys enjoy ...
Jacob Sartorius - Skateboard (Official Music Video) THE OFFICIAL SKATEBOARD MUSIC VIDEO! Get "Skateboard" when you pre-order the new Left Me Hangin' EP on iTunes. Available everywhere on October ...
HOW TO TEACH A KID TO SKATEBOARD! Today Aaron teaches the daughter of Jen (our branding and social media genius) how to skateboard! He starts it off very simple with riding basics, gives her ...

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