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Stefon Diggs is killin' it today for my Minnesota Vikings!!! SKOL BABY!!! Only downside... He's on my opponents Fantasy Football team this week & he's single-handedly scorching my ass, FML... But I'll gladly take a Fantasy loss to see my ...
Kerwin Roach ESPN Rank#34 🔥🏀FUTURE LONGHORN 🏀🔥 Ranked 34th in the National ranking on Espn. The Houston Native Averaged 28.5 pts a game his senior season 2015 highlights.
(University of Texas Commit) Kerwin Roach #23 HL Kerwin Roach is an AMAZING athlete from Houston, Texas his career at North Shore Senior High school has been Incredible! In 2014 Kerwin Roach won a state ...

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Source: abc news - Stefondiggs14