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Top 5 WEIRDEST Guitars Of The 1980s Mark counts down the top five weirdest guitars of the 1980s. Support Guitar Nerds at ** SPOILERS** Guitars featured in this ...
Rev. Peyton plays & splits wood w/ Axe Guitar Rev. Peyton of Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band picks and slides and then splits wood with his Axe Guitar. Big Damn Band drummer Sad Max Senteney ...
NAMM 2017 Roland AE-10 Aerophone Demo Great BUNDLE deals on the Roland Aerophone: ...
SYNTH BIKE COMMERCIAL TYGO INDUSTRIES Subscribe for new videos!. Argh I'm pretty sure TYGO travelled in time and took the blueprints of SYNTHBIKE 2.0, then used them for financial gain.... however i ...
Bill Aitken "Xpanse"(1985 SynthAxe demo) This was a soundsheet demo released in the February 1986 issue to promote a new Midi guitar that was for sale at the time.
Allan Holdsworth Talks about his Headless Kiesel Guitars Allan Holdsworth talks about his signature Kiesel HH Headless Guitar. These are available with a fixed bridge or a trem bridge with either 1 or 2 pickups.
Formanta mini soviet keytar for sale This is a FORMANTA MINI rarest soviet keytar synhmade in 80s by soviet Formanta Factory (where they used to make very famous Polivoks synths) in almost ...
Roland GR-1 + PRS Showing off the Roland GR-1 guitar synth and my 2014 PRS guitar. I think Dave the Minion behind me tried eating me half way through the video haha. BUY MY ...
Review Demo - Relish Guitars Jane Read the review at: Considering Switzerland's adventurous design legacy, you'd be forgiven for thinking that there's just something in the ...
Gittler Guitar Demo Here is a quick demo of the new Gittler Guitar. I have had it for a couple of days and its one of the coolest guitars I have ever played. Check out this other Gittler ...
Microtonal Guitar (Fixed Fret) - Tolgahan Çoğulu Support Microtonal Guitar on Patreon: Organic 7th chord: What is a Microtone? Microtonal Bach ...
MUSICMAKERS - Roy "Futureman" Wooten Drummer Roy "Futureman" Wooten talks about his unique invention, the DRUMITAR. To learn more, go to his MUSICMAKERS page at
Casio DG-20 synthesizer guitar, demonstration video Zu meiner ebay-Kleinanzeige, Demonstration der Gitarre I'm selling this guitar. This is just a short demonstration of its capabilities.
1981 Casio DG-1 Digital Synth Guitar - Full Demo Full walkthrough of the playability & all the sounds that the 1981 Casio DG-1 Synth Guitar has to offer. Awesome, very fun instrument! It's the younger brother to ...
SynthAxe Demo from the 80's SynthAxe Demo with Allan Holdsworth, Lee Ritenour and Neville Martin.
SynthAxe Demo (from original 1985 company VHS tape) This is the original demo video for the SynthAxe system featuring Neville Marten who was the company salesman. I was present as a technician when it was ...
SynthAxe demo This instrument was one of less than 100 which were made in the 1980's. It was revolutionary in its time and played by musicians such as Alan Holdsworth.
Mysterious japanese vingate guitar (Sakai?) EDIT: recently learned that this guitar is Teisco Del-Ray sold under different brand names.
Allan Holdsworth Interview and SynthAxe performance. Enjoy this clip of the true master of music Allan Holdsworth.
self playing guitar ragtime self playing guitar for sale 4500euro [email protected]
Ibanez and GR 20 Roland for sale. Great guitar/Great Synth Ibanez is played bt guitarists like Stive Vai, Joe Satriani, is originaly a Japanese model.
Synthaxe Brief demo of the legendary Synthaxe guitar synth. Poly mode, mono mode, lefthand trigger, capo.
Stepp Guitar Synthesizer 80's guitar synth rival to the Synthaxe, I posted this for the midiguitar group to see.
Demo GR-20 para GORG Pequeña demo del sintetizador de guitarra Roland GR-20 para

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