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A walk through the American revolution. Davide nailed his lines. Practice the entire weekend. I am so proud of him. #children #son #theater #actor #school
Update: booked it! I have been hoping for this one for a while. See it live and in person mid may! #acting #actorslife #theater #offbroadway #mondaymotivation
A tribute to William Weldon Roberson. #theater #theatre #jazz
در آستانه سال نو
رونمایی از نخستین تیزر نمایش "خنکای ختم خاطره"
نویسنده: حمیدرضا آذرنگ
کارگردان: حامد ادوای
کاری از گروه تئاتر گره
اثر تحسین شده در ششمین جشنواره تئاتر شهر

اردیبهشت و خرداد ۱۳۹۷
تالار ...
Hoje é dia de relembrar. Tbt de “Sétimo Mandamento, roubarás um pouco menos”. Texto de: Dario Fo
Direção de: @armandoacenna
Atriz: @flavinha_simoes
Ator: @tonandes
#hamiltonfernandes #teatro #teatrobrasileiro #arte #theater #brasil #brazil #ator #actor #brazilianactor #amor #saudade.
A tribute to William Weldon Roberson. #theater #theatre #jazz
The untold story of the Kalakuta Queens,the story of great wives,hardworking mothers and selfless nature.They are one together and if you do anyone you go see anyhow,dem no get shakara,dem be true Africa lady.
HURRY!!! Just 6 Days left to ...
Sanitätsdienst beim Theater mit den beiden bezaubersten Schulsanis überhaupt 🔥💕🚑 #retterherzen#retterherz#schule#theater#schulsanitätsdienst#drkinsh#jrkinsh#sanitätsdienst#sanitätshelfer#gay#gayboy#homomomo#helfenkannjeder@retterherzen @helfenkannjeder
Throwback::: dress rehearsal day 2016 for SE School of Movement. We sold out 4 nights of shows in a row 💃🎶⏳🙃🏁
#dance #theatre #theater #dancer #colorado
Lieve vrienden uit omgeving Arnhem. Wij staan as woensdag in het @posttheater en zouden het zo leuk vinden om voor een volle zaal te spelen. Zouden jullie ons een klein beetje kunnen helpen door, als je mensen kent die het ...
Onako kako je i zivjela.
Iz prikrajka. Nenametljivo. Dostojanstveno. Bez rijeci i sa tim posebnim pogledom koji je ispunjen svim onim dobrim osjecajima Covjeka, Zene i Majkr, kao da posmatra ko joj to dolazi...
Jedna i jedina.
Nedostaje na daskama...
World's Biggest Box Fort Theater! Dad vs Papa Jake!!! Fun Family Movie Night Skit!!! World's Biggest Box Fort Theater! (My Dad Pretends to be Papa Jake) Fun Family Movie Night Skit!!! Subscribe: | My Vlog Channel:
LOL Surprise Dolls Play Jumping Jack Theater Club vs Retro Club featuring Angel, Foxy, and... LOL Surprise Dolls Play Jumping Jack! It's the Theater Club vs Retro Club Featuring Angel, Foxy, Super BB, and Pink Baby. Whoever Wins gets a Shopkins Blind Bag! This 2018 LOL Surprise Dolls...
HOW TO GET THE BLIMP TROPHY!! (ROBLOX NICKELODEON KIDS' CHOICE AWARDS EVENT - Escape Room:... The Nickelodeon KIDS' CHOICE AWARDS EVENT is finally here for 2018!! Today I show you how to get the BLIMP TROPHY from Escape Room, in the new map: Theater Escape!! Hit that LIKE button if...
Roman Theater with Plautus, Terence, and Seneca: Crash Course Theater #6 In which Mike delves into the theater of ancient Rome. It wasn't all gladiators and Christian-killing, you know. There was theater, too. Roman drama drew heavily on Greek drama. So heavily,...
''Satan’s Theater: The Full Story'' | EXCLUSIVE APOCALYPSE HORROR [2/2] '''She immediately paused, and stared to the store entrance, attempting to discern whether she was imagining the noise or not.'' I've enjoyed narrating this one so much tat I really want you...
Dances to Flute Music and Obscene Verse. It's Roman Theater, Everybody: Crash Course Theater #5 Today, Mike Rugnetta takes you from our beginnings in ancient Greek theater, and moves on to the development of Roman theater. Which, it turns out, is A LOT like Greek theater. Because the...
What Is Theater? Crash Course Theater #1 Welcome to Crash Course Theater with Mike Rugnetta! In this, our inaugural week, we're going to ask the two classic questions about theater. 1.What is theater? And 2. Is it spelled -re or -er?...
SNEAKING INTO MOVIE THEATER WITH JOSH PECK!! Josh peck and I sneak into a movie theater... we got caught tho!! ON camera!!! ALL DAVID DOBRIK CLOTHES 15% OFF HERE: CHECKOUT PODCAST WHERE...

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