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Blurred lines
Plans Classics, Like 50 Over Dre Drums.
I've Been Plotting Like This Since '96.
Momentos únicos...que não há dinheiro que pague!!! ✔

Obrigahhh a todos envolvidos em mais um MEET realizado com sucesso 🙌 📷💥 #secondmeet2017
#theimaged #saopaulowalk #omelhorclick #streets_vision #rsa_streetview #canonbr #escapetostreets #streetactivity #visualfolk #folkgood #brasilfolk #realfolklife #visualsoflife #igmasters #achadosdasemana
Wadaaaaw !!
📸 @matkeker
Lights and Colors
I'm blessed to be able to call myself a runner.. I'm finally in the 1000 mile club ,. Such a great feeling to know the journey I've been on since mile one ...some of my fun miles up to this ...
Used to sit in the shop with @thaleafybug and listen to @soulection playlist till the sun went down.
fear is not my fate.
Beach days. @heidi.grey
they think they know but they have no idea ⚔️
Jakarta butuh lebaran
Favorite hour of the day
Pray for me
Last day • ‎‎الحمدلله ربّ العالمين
Everyone is fighting their own battle.
To be free from their past.
To live in their present.
And to create their future.
So have heart.
Credit by @amrzreza

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