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A Miss Apples Gm🍎😘 @Regrann from @womenbychoice - It's a new day. Yesterday is gone. It can't be rewinded, redone, or changed in any way. Dwelling on the past leaves no room for having hope for the future. What matters ...
The Queen that I am is a Royal Wealth Builder. I know that true wealth flows from the inside out. My material wealth is just a manifestation of my inner riches. So, I’m on a treasure hunt… to find myself… ...
Queen, circumstances in your life may not always be your fault, but it is ALWAYS your responsibility. It’s your responsibility to face it, to get the lesson, and rise above it… #thequeencode #bestrong #fearless #advice #inspired #bravery#moveforward
Real men understand that having a beautiful and loving wife is an honor 💜...xoxo, Dr. Lil, Relationship expert and author of #misstomrsbook
Hard work with a lot of #faith
I'm heading places.... Do you know where you are standing now! Well if not stand for something worth while🍎

#intelligent #blackqueen #ceo #businessowner #smart #sexy #crazy #cool #single #queen #successisamust #caslife #kimberlyapples ...
#queen no one can live your life for you. Don’t place your #power in someone else’s hands. This is your #dream you decide where it goes from here. #thequeencode
Let love win! 💕💕💕 xoxo, Dr. Lil, relationship expert and author of #misstomrsbook Visit for more details and resources.
Catch the wave!! 🌊 Get your signed copy of #dearqueen 👑 {Link in Bio}
Queen, you must ascend now. But know that ascension is not achieved by will power or human might. Ascension happens thru your ability to be a great receiver. To expand the capacity for how much love and compassion your heart ...
Queen, you deserve to feel the liberation that comes from simply being you… no apologies necessary. #thequeencode #naturalhair #afro #beyou #colors
#dearqueen you are not on SALE...don't let anybody DISCOUNT you. Know your value. Get the book that speaks to the Queen in YOU!
As Feminine beings we benefit when we take inspired actions only. Meaning we allow the spirit within to be stirred and we are viscerally and constantly aware of what stirs it.
We also recognize our need for appreciation... FIRST ...
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#dearqueen is the book that enables you to do great things!
The Best Holiday Present Ever! ([email protected]) For your Royal Path M.A.P. (Mission Aligned Plan) send a request to [email protected]
The Character of a Queen, Part 12 ( A Queen on her Throne is a woman who believes in Divine connections and she settles for nothing less. (
Get Ready, Get Ready!! ( Queen, if you can answer yes to these 4 points, request a free session with me at [email protected]
Unlock Your Queen Code ( You have a serious destiny. You are a Queen born for such a time as this. If you can answer yes to every point in this video, request your FREE 30 minute ...
Sankofa- The Power of Your Past, Part 3 ( In these videos, I'm sharing with you my secret weapon: going deeper. If you don't know who you were, you'll never truly discover who you are. www.

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