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OTHER PEOPLE - A Short Visual Poem A visual poem for a friend from a time now perhaps too far gone. Poem and Narration by George Cast Krupa Biju Shubham George Cinematography By Biju ...
Love Letters are written in Lorem Ipsum A new short to love, broken hearts and yada yada.
What Was A Video Trial with Stock Footage and an old poem i wrote from once upon a time. Cinematography Various Music and Verses by George C. Worthwhyle A ...
THE WORLD BELOW A project by The Someday List - George C Worthwhyle This is a quick childish tribute to all the times spent in college, thinking those days would never end.
Experimental Video Trials Some of my Recent and more experimental Styles of Videos that include VideoPoetry etc.
"The Someday List" Channel Trailer Video Experiments by George C. Worthwhyle.

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