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TYR Pro Swim Series The TYR Pro Swim Series kicks of in Austin, Texas on January 11th and includes six stops across the nation in 2018. Get your tickets now!
Danheim - Tyr Danheim - Tyr A dark and intense song for the norse God of War - TYR. SUPPORT and get my music here: ...
Brothers of Metal - Tyr (Music Video) Tyr, the God of war~ It's Tuesday! In Swedish -Tisdag or in old norse - Tírsdag/Tyrsdag. The day of Tyr. Tyr's role as one of the principal war gods of the Norse, ...
Týr - By the Light of the Northern Star [2009] FULL ALBUM Artist: Týr Album: By the Light of the Northern Star Genres: Heavy metal, Progressive rock/metal, Folk Metal, Pagan metal, (Viking) Year: 2009 Origin: Faroe ...
Wardruna - Tyr First track from their new album 'Runaljod – Ragnarok' All the right reserved to the band Wardruna.
Tyr - The Lay of Thrym (FULL ALBUM) Obviously I don't own this but it's not up as an entire album yet so here.
Tyr - Cemetery Gates (Pantera cover) I do not own anything, all rights reserved to Tyr, Pantera, and Metal Blade Records. Enjoy this killer cover of Cemetery Gates by Tyr! Lyrics: Reverend Reverend ...
TÝR "Blood of Heroes" (OFFICIAL VIDEO) Order at: http://www.metalblade.com/tyr TÝR performed live on August 10th, 2013 as part of the Faroe Island's Summarfestivalurin in Klaksvik. Over 8000 ...
Týr - Ormurin Langi Týr - How Far To Asgaard - Ormurin Langi (2002) All rights go to Týr and Napalm Records. Lyrics: Viljið tær hoyra kvæði mítt, vilja tær orðum trúgva, um hann ...
Týr - Ragnarok (Lyrics) Comment if you'd like and hail to the Hammer. Yea, the Faroese part in the beginning is as follows: Please note that this translation below might not be 100% ...
Tyr-Hail To The Hammer official video Tyr-Hail To The Hammer official video viking doom metal.
Tyr - Into The Storm From By The Light Of The Northern Star.
Tyr - Ride From By The Light Of The Northern Star.
Tyr - Turið Torkilsdóttir From By The Light Of The Northern Star.
Tyr - Tróndur í Gøtu From By The Light Of The Northern Star.
Tyr - By The Sword In My Hand From By The Light Of The Northern Star.
Týr - Hail to the Hammer 10th and last song from the album "Land"
TYR - Sinklars Visa http://shop.napalmrecords.com/land-ltd-deluxe-digipack-dvd.html Viking Metal has come over the land! Impressively combining powerful choruses and energetic ...
Tyr - God of War A helluva song by the Faroese band TYR.
TYR - Regin Smidur http://shop.napalmrecords.com/eric-the-red.html The album "Eric the Red" bases almost every song on Faroese or Norwegian lore, and is revetted in the garb of ...

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