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Breaking: Venezuela has said it will withdraw from the Organization of American States.
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DEVELOPING: Three people were killed on Monday in the recent violence in Venezuela. The death toll of massive demonstrations against Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro continues to rise to 24 people.⠀

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Venezuelan local and state elections have been postponed due to chaos that surrounds the protests.
President Nicolas Maduro has ordered the Armed Forces onto the streets in response to largely peaceful protests asking for Maduro to step down from the ...
[Video from Report Venezuela that appears to show security forces firing on protestors in the capital, Caracas.] #ubcvenezuela #venezuela #developing #news #breaking #protests #caracas

Opposition leaders to Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro say he has been acting like a dictator.
Opposition ...
Breaking: Major protests take place in the capital of Venezuela against President Nicolas Maduro as reports of a heavy police presence in Caracas increase.
More details to follow.
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The Venezuelan people held an anti government protest today, which resulted in two protesters being killed, officials say.⠀

One of the people who died was a teenager in the capital of Caracas, and the woman who died was in ...
Tocuyo Urban Flavor 2016 / Hip Hop Dance / 2Ble vs May / Semi-Final. Competencia realizada en venezuela ( tocuyo Estado lara), bajo la organizacion de EHICAM CREW.
Bautizan el libro 70 años de Beisbol en Venezuela La publicación del Grupo Últimas Noticias recoge la historia del deporte más popular en el país.
Los juegos del hambre - Venezuela A trabajar y dejar las diferencias a un lado !
Venezuela - Fake Lakes Take some time to enjoy the music! 'Venezuela' is the first single from Fake Lakes' EP - Flannel Decoy. Coming soon!!!! This video is in collaboration with ...
Urban Battle 2015 / Compilations / May / UBC / Venezuela Editage: United Brothers Crew Dancer: Malfre Castillo A.K.A May Batalla: Urban Battle 2015 Ganadores: Bboy Colerman Y May.
Real UFO Caught On Camera | UFO Caught On Camera Over venezuela | UFO Caught... Real UFO Caught On Camera | UFO Caught On Camera Over venezuela | UFO Caught On Camera Alien Sightings is a new you-tube channel.This channel ...
UBC ESTRELLAS DE LARA United Brother Crew en la entrega de premios ESTRELLAS DE LARA.

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