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Whoever wins and whoever loses today at the #NationalChampionship, we are still keeping it in the #family. Sincere… https://t.co/AlrDh54X8C
UF Grad Program Commercial http://socialmedia.jou.ufl.edu/ This is a commercial promoting the graduate program for the University of Florida.
UF Grad Flips Over Diploma! Melissa's DDS Ceremony University of Florida Doctorate Ceremony 2017.
Chomp Stories - Pete You may not know Pete, but you certainly know Pete's sign. Pete is a UF grad and is famous for faithfully bringing the “Work 'em Silly, Gators” sign to each and every Gator home football...
Brélan Moritz - 2014 UF Grad Student Seminar Brélan presenting his research at the August 2014 University of Florida Microbiology & Cell Science Grad Student Seminar.
Radiology (Copy) This YouTube playlist was copied from UFGrad ATProgram's channel using http://ctrlq.org/youtube/playlists/
#UFgrad - Snapchat Story ft. Commencement Geofilters What happens when a #UFsocial intern is about to graduate? You give her the keys to the UF1853 Snapchat account and tell her to have fun... and congratulations!
Megan Graduates UF Congratulations to all UF students graduating this week, especially Megan. I've had the privilege to photograph her a couple times in the past and glad she chose me to do her graduation photos....
2014, 31st Celebration by Bangladesh community at Gainesville, Florida 2014, 31st Celebration by Bangladesh community in UF Corry commons, Gainesville, Florida Prepared by Ferdous, UF grad student, Gainesville.
iCare Smartphone Repair This video is about iCare Smartphone Repair located in Southgate Centre. The store was opened by a recent UF grad.
The Heart of #UFGrad - University of Florida Your time at the University of Florida is a journey toward graduation. Everything you've gone through has prepared you for this moment, and you are ready. Now a Gator. Forever a Gator. #UFGrad...
Amber Young | Yoga Championship | St.Augustine Fl I am very proud of my sister. She is a 25 year old UF grad spreading her wings and pushing her Limits as a now certified Bikram Yoga teacher. Support her by taking her class usually in New...
FSU vs. UF 2013 Bet: UF Grad Sings FSU Fight Song Jason Su (co-worker, grad from UF) and I made a bet at the beginning of the season when both teams were still undefeated that we would go to the winner's place of work and sing the fight song......
What is the meaning of life? Part 1 In a three-part series for a class assignment, I asked Alex, a recent UF grad, what he thinks the meaning of life is.
UF Grad gon' WILD This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
Alex's UF Grad.MOV Alex gets her 5 seconds of recognition at her Graduation from UF.
UF Grad School Visit Ride Devin and I heading up and back to University of Florida to visit their fine arts graduate program. This is just the way up and way down. Wad entirely recorded on my iPod touch and entirely...

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