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Did you know this handy vending machine is located on the 1st floor in the MUB?! Right around the corner from the Bookstore, stop by anytime the MUB is open for anything from batteries to printer cables to cellphone chargers! ...
NHOC tabling at freshman orientation! very exciting to see some faces of the incoming class! 👋🏻 Also, a reminder: summer trips are filling up fast so don't forget to sign up! we have 3 awesome trips going out so spread ...
Cultural Connections: In The Field, On Two Continents MUB Entertainment Center
Encounter ancient Maya sites in the jungles of Belize with Riley, a participant in the J-Term COLA archaeology program. Then witness the natural history and environmental impacts in New ...
Don't forget to leave your headphones at home! Take this day to listen to others and show you're willing to discuss mental illness. #unhmub #mublove #instaunh
Monday Morning Coffee MUB 114F (OSIL Conference Room)
Monday Morning Coffee with Coordinator of Student Organizations & Leadership, Nate Hastings
This informal session is a great way to get your questions answered. http://ow.ly/gMoO309i9U5 #instaunh #mublove #unhmub
Advisors Brown Bag MUB 114F (OSIL Conference Room)
Bring your lunch down to the OSIL and chat with Coordinator of Student Organizations & Leadership, Nate Hastings
This informal session is a great way to get your questions answered. http://ow.ly/Dv9P309i9U1 #unhmub ...
Cultural Connections: Creating a Better World For Our Children MUB Entertainment Center
Svetlana is a Fulbright scholar at UNH committed to creating a less violent, safer world for our children. Explore the diversity of her country, the Kyrgyz Republic, and ...
A Day Without Headphones! Next week, May 3rd, leave your headphones at home and listen! Stop the Stigma #unhmub http://unh.me/pTtI30benCl #mublove #instaunh
Tomorrow's Challenges: The Realities of the Arts Economy MUB Theater I
Featured Speaker: Russ Grazier, Executive Director, Portsmouth Music & Arts Center http://ow.ly/sTv5309i9TQ #instaunh #unhmub #mublove
TODAY! Be there and save that $$ for your org #mublove #unhmub #instaunh
Attention all Org Business Managers! Last Account-ability session to answer all of your org funding questions! Set yourself up for a great start of the next year by attending this session. #mublove #unhmub #instaunh
Music Mentors MUB Room 203
This program is open to ANY student interested in ANY part of the music business
Musicians, Producers, Promoters, Engineers, Marketers, Writers, Photographers& Enthusiasts
This program is a great way to build contacts for the future.
Lessons in Leadership: Katie McKinnon '07 MUB Room 203
Katie is responsible for ensuring that the ChamberÕs 575+ business members access to resources for building their brands, making connections, expanding their knowledge and shaping the local community. At UNH she ...
Current Issues Lecture Series: Average is Just Not Good Enough. Period! Where: MUB Strafford Room
With Coach Ken Carter! http://ow.ly/hoz3309i9Ty #instaunh #unhmub #mublove
Student Leadership Awards Banquet is tonight! Go represent your org and get dinner. Enjoy an evening of recognition and food! #mublove #unhmub #instaunh (ps. don't forget to get a ticket at the ticket office)
Come spread some #mublove by helping us clean up the MUB and enjoy some well deserved ice cream! (ahem for those student orgs needing community service hours) Give back to the MUB and keep it a welcoming space #unhmub #instaunh ...
Commuter Lunch Today! Come eat some food! (ps. it's free) (pps. that's like a big deal so don't miss it) (ppps. oh yeah and it's from 12-1:30 in MUB room 114) #instaunh #unhmub #mublove
MUB @ UNH Durham NH Large power solar screens @ UNH Memorial Union Building Cafateria.
Come check out the last Grind event that is being hosted by CAB tonight in the entertainment center! Or head up to the Yule Ball Drag Ball in the GSR, hosted by UNH Alliance! #mublove #unhmub #instaunh @cab_unh @unhalliance
Cultural Connections: When in Iran, Do As The Iranians Do MUB Entertainment Center
Attention Cultural Connections passengers: please proceed to the gate in the MUB Entertainment Center for your flight to Iran! But wait a second... have you first given ...
Mub on song by The Uncles Here's our first single from our upcoming EP entitled 'halo-halo' Para sa mga iniwang luhaan at hirap mag move on.
Starting a Student Organization: Overview This video outlines the process for creating a new recognized student organization at the University of New Hampshire.
GSS Mannequin Challenge MUB Granite Square Station takes on the mannequin challenge!
THE MUB - Reality THE MUB - Reality Sillamae Liss & Serz.
UNH Contra Dance The next UNH Contra Dance will be held on Thursday, April 21st at 7:00 pm in the UNH MUB Strafford Room!
The M.U.B. J&R productions presents The M.U.B. the hottest product on the market.

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