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Photo by @tasoskiritsis

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Berhenti berkarya dan menjadi lebih baik adalah mati. Hanya bisa hidup dalam rindu dan sayup-sayup rasa malas yang bahagia dalam semu.
Hai foodies! Aku sama tuh seneng bgt jalan jalan bareng. Mulai dari jalan2 ke mall sampai jalan2 keluar kota nih. Setiap jalan jalan mama selalu ajak aku untuk nyobain makanan yang belum pernah kita cobain sebelumnya. Hampir setiap jalan2 kita ...
Wanita dengan rok-gurita-hijau-aneh-nya 🐙
In frame: @metharswn
Featured Artist : @flecce_ 
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Some days happiness is fresh cold winter air hitting your face and running around in the snow with inadequate footwear...the simple moments are always the best ✨ #letitsnow
Mist - Open your eyes, look within. Are you satisfied with the life you're living? (Bob Marley)

Mood by @sherlyamanda_
times like these.
Warm welcome by the staff of Palm Beach resort, warm welcome by the nature itself.
What more can i ask on an arrival ?
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This weekend we went with the #nodietclub to explore London and eat a lot of food! I will be posting a lot of food pictures following this post, but these people were great and I am so happy we were ...
Making moves with @shotbybrent #og
Had some difficulties framing a decent shot this morning... While avoiding the white wash I managed to get a boulder in the foreground that seemed to complete the scene well.
@thegoodscafe pink seafood fried rice 👌🏾💕
Beach for days 🐚.
Every day discovering something brand new🌊~~ Falta nada para navidad y no puedo estar más contenta, con ganas de tener tiempo libre para aprender y descubrir nuevos sitios👊~~~~~
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Zona nyaman🍂💦
7Eleven del amor. 💘

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