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Just when I think there is no way you all can possibly pull off pole tricks that are any more CRAZIER than the ones I have already seen, a video like this one from @powerpole1 comes to my attention. #poledanceNation ...
When your stuck in a blizzard but still gotta crack a cold one with the boys 🍻❄️ #sendit #goodforit #ftb
Hard at work in the office.... #skittles #experiment #colourful #vscocam #votd
Choosing a domain name is almost as tricky as picking a company name - it really requires a lot of thought and consideration. It is part of your identity online and there are many tips and tricks out there to ...
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Amen 🙌
30 Minute Slay!
New blog post on my website. Link on my bio!
Song: @genta.ismajli ft @mumaofficial - Squat Baby
Workout buddy @violabejtja 🙌🏼
* PIANO INSPIRATION: The talented Bob James is an American Grammy Award-winning jazz keyboardist who founded the band Fourplay. His works span across the music industry from the 60's to present day ✨✨
June 💛 VOTD 🙏:"He replied, “Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible ...
As I type this caption to this post, I can't help but feel so "kilig" because of His love not only for me but for all of us.
Imagine, the only begotten Son was sent to save the world. How ...
Heater core replacement on a Volvo XC90 P2 chasis. - VOTD Heater core replacement: 60 to 90 minutes ($60 / $300 / $550) In this video I helped a friend replace the heater core in his 2007 XC90. This process should be ...
Fuel injector information, servicing, cleaning, testing, rebuilding, etc. - VOTD In this video I share some information about fuel injectors, how to service and rebuild them. Master's Touch Automotive: 505-883-9141 Oil Eater: www.
The top 5 reasons to drive a manual transmission vehicle. - VOTD In this video I share what I believe to be the primary benefits of owning a vehicle with a manual transmission vs an automatic.
Thule roof box carrier repair, rebuild, patch holes and paint. - VOTD In this video I repaired my Thule cargo carrier box. It have several cracks, a couple of holes and was in bad need of painting. I used fiberglass kit, auto Bondo ...
Installing badges or emblems on your car or truck. - VOTD In this video I show the process of me installing the car emblems. Make sure everything is as clean as possible.
Turbo system pressure tubes and vacuum lines need to be servicable. - VOTD In this video I explain the importance of carefully testing your turbo pressure lines. You should also make sure your intercooler is not damaged.
Lucas transmission fix real life test, results and review. - VOTD In this video I added some Lucas transmission fix to my daily driver vehicle that is experiencing shifting issues.
Cost per year to warm your car up. - VOTD In this video I did a quick test to see how much letting a car idle until it is warm cost in a mild climate.
VOTD #3: Mighty Vaporizer - A Volcano in your pocket? Liked it? Lemme know with the like button. Didn't like it? Go ahead and hit dislike. Today we're looking at the Mighty from Storz & Bickel with some aftermarket ...
Alternator replacement, BMW 318i, e36 - VOTD Alternator replacement: 2 to 3 hours ($180 / $400 / $600) In this video I helped a friend replace the alternator in his 1996 BMW 318i. Always have the alternator ...

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