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Indiana Newsdesk, May 29, 2015 Ivy Tech Funding & Army Testing Grounds More News: http://www.wtiunews.org "Indiana Newsdesk" Ivy Tech is the only public school in the state that's not getting any money for major building projects.
NC Coal Ash Hearing: Henry Batten of Concrete Supply Company | UNC-TV http://www.unctv.org Henry Batten of Concrete Supply Company in Charlotte, NC tells North Carolina senators there is a need for coal ash as an ingredient for ...
ICNA Relief DE October 26th, Food Drive Saturday, October 26th, a team of ICNA Relief workers went to serve food to the needy and homeless people. Alhamdulillah, this event has been occurring on a ...
JCATS 2013 Emergency Training Johnston County Area Transit System JCATS Emergency training is serious business, and thanks to Selma Fire Department, JCATS drivers and employees are ...
Troubleshooter TV and Radio Show with Emmy winning investigative reporter Judd McIlvain The Troubleshooter is Back! Emmy-winning investigative reporter and consumer advocate Judd McIlvain is on your side with consumer news, hard-hitting ...

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