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SWTOR - Rattataki - Sith Inquisitor - Light Side - Companions - Xalek Follow female rattataki sith inquisitor Mishiara on her journeys and adventures in a galaxy far far away...
SWTOR Sexy female Outfits - Ashara Zavros Outfits include Ventilated Scalene, Dathomir and Satele Shan armor pieces. Enjoy my Star War The Old Republic Fashion :) Want some free stuff? Use my ...
swtor: Bowdaar on being a slave Bowdaar talks about his history as a slave • Bowdaar conversations playlist - https://goo.gl/8f8D1H • All the swtor companion non-romance playlists ...
Star Wars The Old Republic Vette Affection Farm Black Talon Tactical fp solo run, farming reputation to Vette Sith Warrior's companion. 7345 affection points per ~approx 15 min run. Sylas - 3,3,0 NR-02 - 3,3,0,1 ...
SWTOR Jedi Sage (Pt 25 KotFE Stalking the Score) - Qyzen recruitment Jedi Sage (light side healer) walkthrough of SWTOR "Stalking the Score" Qyzen (alliance recruitment) for the "Knights of the Fallen Empire" expansion.
SWTOR KOTFE ► How to Get Old Companions like Kira Carsen Back ASAP (Knights of... SWTOR Knights of the Fallen Empire (KOTFE) - Companion Locator Terminal - Get old companions back ➲ Play SWTOR for Free: ...
SWTOR Knights of The Fallen Empire - How to Get Old Companions Back in KotFE Here's how to get old companions back in Knights of the Fallen Empire. Note that you need access to Odessen Alliance Camp Headquarters (Chapter 9).
SWTOR Knights of The Fallen Empire - Recruiting Qyzen Fess Recruiting Qyzen Fess, Jedi Consular companion. Use my Friend referral link: http://www.swtor.com/r/3DtgPM for a bunch of free goodies and 7 free extra days ...
SWTOR Ashara Zavros and Master Kiwiiks Character Creation Fail SWTOR Attempting Ashara Zavros and Master Kiwiiks character creation with little success. ➲ Play SWTOR for Free: http://www.swtor.com/r/BlQhmZ ▻ Follow ...
SWTOR Tip #6: Customizing Appearance For beginners or those who just didn't notice this feature before, here is some ways to change your character's appearance.
SWTOR - Rakghoul Event - Vette Customisation Vette's customisation as part of SWTOR's new Event, Rakghoul Resurgence. My Channel - http://www.youtube.com/user/swcallow98 SWTOR Empire Storylines ...
SWTOR - Game Update 21 - Customization Trailer Sign up here and play SWTOR for FREE - http://play.any.tv/SHJ0u Watch the SWTOR Game Update 2.1: Customization launch trailer to check out all the new ...
SWTOR - Khem Val Customisation Customising Khem Val, the Inq companion, at Balmorra.
SWTOR: Vandrayk's Tuning Apparatus Guide This will walk you through the Vandrayk's Tuning Apparatus quest.
SWTOR Consular Story Cinnabar confronts Master Tykan SWTOR Consular Storyline: Cinnabar confronts the Kaleesh Master Tykan on Taris.
Swtor Kira Redhead Customization IN CONVO Kira in conversation redhead customization, if there is another companion you want to see a customization video for please leave me a msg, and I will begin ...
SWTOR-Wooing Ashara Zavros SPOPILER ALERT-This my video of how I gained affection with ashara (my jedi companion). It is a video of all the romantic cutscenes throughout the Ashara ...
SWTOR: Sometimes LS options are far better This is an Empire mission on Taris. The LS choice here is far more entertaining because the nekghouls turn on their Jedi teacher.
SWTOR - Ashara Zavros Fighting Female Twi'lek Sith Inquisitor - Ashara Zavros Fighting.
SWTOR - Khem Val customization [HD] A couple of Khem Val's customizations.

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