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GrblGru: 4th axis for ShapeOko and x-carve This video shows how to build a 4th axis with a collet holder GrblGru free 3D-simulation: download (Win7): https://goo.gl/quFpdZ.
Building The XCarve CNC I've been wanting a CNC router for a long time. The day has finally come. I ordered the XCarve from Inventables. This is a Vlog style video as I update you on my ...
Is the X-Carve worth it? Several months ago Inventables reached out to me to see if I would be interested in a X-Carve in exchange for my feedback on the machine. If it's worth it or not ...
X-Carve Upgrade & Aluminum Milling // Follow Up Since my license plate video, I've upgraded the spindle on my X-Carve. Milling aluminum just got a LOT faster! Subscribe to my channel: http://bit.ly/1k8msFr ...
Relief carving with the X-Carve First attempt at doing reliefs with the X-Carve, will be doing quite a bit of adjustments, but it works.
Setup & Overview Of The OX CNC, TinyG Controller Plus Chilipeppr & JScut Part 3 Watch this video in 1080 HD to see the configuration info better. Here is a link of the config dump of the TinyG V8 shown in this video.
Punished Props Hello! We're Bill & Brittany Doran from Seattle Washington. We build high end replica props and costume from some of your favorite video games, TV shows, ...

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