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#coloroftheday: Orange
Spent the morning unpacking my suitcase and souvenirs from #haiti 🇭🇹
Tonight at 10
#coloroftheday: Black - with a hint of green ☘️
Tonight on @wdsu6
Crawfish prices are down.
Can we expect another price drop? #tammy@10
#coloroftheday: Pink 🎀🦎
Back in the office today...
Haiti is so beautiful 😍 and the people are so welcoming ❤️💙❤️
I haven’t been greeted like this before when going to a foreign country. My first experience in Haiti - top notch!
#journalistonvacation ? Are we ever really? I’m studying up. #haitianpride🇭🇹
#coloroftheday: Amber
Birthday 🎁 Bae
But the fun begins mañana .
Tonight at 10 on @wdsu6
Painful to watch as a few of the kids in the crowd let tears stream down their faces.
#coloroftheday: Blue
Staring my day. 🦋
At the Jefferson Parish jail tonight
A man still behind bars after stabbing his mom and dad.
This is the second case in a little over a week.
The Historic New Orleans collection block party to celebrate 🎉 #neworleanstricentennial yep the big 300. #mardigrasindians
Home surveillance video shows police as they respond to a #metairie stabbing.
JPSO arrested 23 year old Travis Taylor of #metairie - yes we checked with deputies that’s his age.
#coloroftheday: Coral
It’s Friday y’all !
So excited 😆
Tonight at 10 on @wdsu6
Critics say free internet for all is in trouble if a U.S. Senators bill passes. #louisiana #netneutrality #nola
This is the loot from the #metairie store robbery where 3 men jumped off of a bridge. One died. This is just a portion of the clothing. #jeffshaberdashery
#coloroftheday: Purple 💜💜💜💜 Where are all my March friends ?
#🐟🐟 #pisces♓
#coloroftheday: BlueTopaz
Today it’s chilly. I can’t with this weather 😂
#coloroftheday: Scarlet Red
Mood: 😴
#coloroftheday: Silver
Happy March Monday ☀️
Ever seen one of these painted boxes in #neworleans? We got a chance to meet the talented artist who painted this one. 💕
#coloroftheday: Gold
Just left the New Orleans Boat show. Yep. It’s time for a new one.
#noe Residents say they want this gone. They say it’s been here over a year.
#coloroftheday: Grey
Sorry for the late post y’all.
Dealing with #pothole problems in the East. See you @5

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