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Of all the countless variations of words
Yours seem to be the only ones I comprehend .
Maybe it's in the way you say them
Or the way you make my body breath them in
Perhaps it's the ...
For you
I would have died
I'll never let myself
Feel that again
If I choose to be alone
No person can climb these walls
Ill push you further away than you've every known
The me you ...
Too lost to fall
For a light I think I see
Can't say for sure
The feelings have died
My heart has grown cold
From the thought of you
Coming home
its not easy
Waking up all alone
To ...
You awaken me
You take hold of me
There are energies stirring in my soul
That I had no idea they even manufactured in humans
You bring out the beast in me
Let my magic roam free
Taught ...
. .
What do you see in my anyway
Next to you I look awfully broken
My exhausted hands
Have tried to hold on to love so often
I'm afraid I might let it slip again
If you don't give ...
Moments are so fleeting
You never know which ones
Will stay with you
So I'm going to live each moment with you
As if I will not get to remember them at all .
Lay your head on ...
There are days when I'm misunderstood
There are days where I just stood
There were days that I cried
And days I didn't want to be alive
There were days I couldn't stand myself
And days that everyone pulled ...
I don't want to trouble your mind with my flawed design .
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I was tagged a while back .. open to all .. so 11 words with flawed in it .
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Tattered and torn
Used and ripped
Slowly but surely
Each word and sentence eroding
No story worth sharing
No place on your shelf worth owning
Coffee stained and earmarked
This read is only for me
To remind me of ...
All the parts you are trying
So desperately to hide
Are the only parts I need to survive .
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Let the language of our love
Interpret each sentence
Let our breath be each new paragraph
Slowly start to understand
Where you start and I end .

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She will find me
I've put stars out as beacons
Every map has an invisible line
That leads straight to me
No matter her course
It will lead her here
Time is a blink
And when she finds me
I'm sorry I love harder
Than the ocean's current
I'm sorry I love harder
Than the hands of time
I'm sorry I love harder
Than the earths pull against the moon
I'm sorry I love harder
Than any human
Then the summer rain came and washed the feelings away
The trees did their best to manage the rest
They fell and turned like the rest
Only to have noticed you then
While I was half sleeping
Unaware and ...
In every rendition
Every thought out placement
Every sketched diagram
It seems to hold true
The further my pieces get away from you
The more my insides fall apart
I must be made of metal
And organic matter
Because ...
Every journey my heart
has ever set on
no matter the direction
has led me straight to you.

No compass needed
No thoughts in mind
My true north
Resides inside you
All the stars and mappings of ...
I want to forget you ever happened
But it's as easy as not letting the moon shine
As easy as not tasting our favorite wine
Like ignoring the warmth of the sun
It's like forgetting to breath
And everything ...
I'm not at all sorry about how much I miss you
Think I'll have to reverse engineer my heart .

Everybody knows
A broken heart is blind .
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Thank you
for being so magical
that you float
even when the world
tries to weigh you down

There was a time before you
But I can't recall any details
There were thoughts before you
But all ...
In a world full of possibilities
you loving me more
is not one of them

You feel familiar to me
The way my favorite blanket
Wrapped around me as a kid
The way I can hear the ...
No matter which way the wind breaks
Inside the passing of time
Behind the curtain and out of view
All the magic couldn't contain
Or even describe all the ways
It is and has always been you
When the ...
The moon holds
My thoughts captive
Only after I surrender my dreams
Does the moon seem to notice me
And still as my mind unwinds
And my words flow
It's beautiful
But it's not anything like sleep or anything ...
Words are un-usable
When your love makes them inaudible
. .
Completely and utterly ineffable .

Impromptu photo shoot with my amazing wife AlliƩ McGuire.
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Even when the air is still
I can sense the movement in you
A momentum pulling me
Need to find the lines
Where our lips meet
Your kiss remains on my lips
Your love always lingers on me ...
To say this is just love
Is like saying
I can hold the waves of the Ocean off the shore
Like I can hold all the stars in my hands
Like your kiss doesn't shatter my insides
Like saying ...
I like keeping you so close
That you're a little bit out of focus
. .
Let the light bend and twist in my eyes
Holding all your magic and mystery
Just within reach
I promise ,It's safer ...

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