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Sweet tooth on a Friday? Good thing we've got plenty of sweet milkshakes to go around😍 #mugshakes
Savory fans unite! We've got Nutella milkshakes on hand ready for you to enjoy🍫🤤 #mugshakes
Time to shake up Wednesday with UFO Alien, Nerd Nutella and Sour Punch milkshakes! #mugshakes
Fruity pebbles and milkshakes! The only solution to this heat!😍🌈 #mugshakes
Monday evenings only get sweeter when there's our Something Swanky in hand! #mugshakes
Your Friday will become even more marvelous when you have our Passion peach shake!😍 #mugshakes
Shake the away the heat with some pineapple coconut or marvelous mango milkshakes!😍 #mugshakes
Beat the heat with our S'mores and Nutty Peanut shakes! #mugshakes
Question of the night, Pebble Grahams or UFO Alien?🤔 #mugshakes
Friday is here and it's time to get milkshakes wasted!😛 #mugshakes
Friday is almost here and it's time to get up close and personal with s'mores milkshake😍🍫 #mugshakes
There's nothing more colorful and delicious than our Sour Punch and Something Swanky milkshakes! #mugshakes
Shake up your Tuesday night with our Pebble Graham and Banana Bang shakes!🤤 #mugshakes
Who else needs more chocolate in their lives? Well, we've got it all at @themugshakes! #mugshakes
It's s'more fun when there's milkshakes around for the night! #mugshakes
At Mug Shakes, we believe at extra is always better. So drop on by and get some extra delicious shakes! #mugshakes
Let's face it, we all need a cheesecake on top of our milkshakes😍 #mugshakes
Stop by tonight to see what makes people go bananas over our milkshakes😊🍌 #mugshakes
Happy Memorial Day! Vets who stop by will receive 10% off with their ID!
Friday is finally here and it's time to grab some scrumptious milkshakes! #mugshakes
Who else needs (s'more) chocolate in their lives? We know we do! #mugshakes
Fans of caramel or chocolate? We've got you covered😏🍫 #mugshakes
Shake up your Monday nights with our mouth watering shakes🤤 #mugshakes
Have a sweet tooth? Roll through give our shakes a try!🌈 #mugshakes
We are definitely "cereal" when we say our milkshakes are absolutely delicious🤤 #mugshakes
S'mores on top of a milkshake? Yes please!😍 #mugshakes
We all need a little color in our lives right? Good thing we have some delicious milkshakes at @themugshakes!
7 milkshakes: 1 for each day this week 😏 #themugshakes #victoriagardens
Happy Mother's Day! First 150 mothers who stop by today will receive a special gift! 😁 We open at 11am today! #themugshakes #happymothersday #mothersday
Got no idea where to take mom after lunch for Mother's Day?
Surprise them stopping by The Mug Shake for some milkshakes that would take their heart away plus a VERY special gift for the first 150 moms that stop ...

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