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L-M-A-O= Land Mail Art Office
Lmao @dank_tank_carl_memes
The kind of shit in my explore.
I think the dankness might be to potent.
This is actually pretty good in my mind. Im not a crazy alt right kkk, or a retarded lefty anarchist, im just normal. Hooray
Star Force and the Four Jamaicans. I need one fucking follower till 300.
Anyone like iron maiden?
Holy shit my first cold one with the boys meme
Rip manchester. I listened to Ariana Grande and almost died once before. #manchester #religionofpeace #isiskilledbiggie
Sorry for the none ww2 posts. No more till tomorrow california time
Wtf? I commented follow meh on Instagram's account and now Im blocked from commenting! Bullshit!
Idk what this is but country balls are my friend .
It wasn't the nukes that made japan surrender. They were ready to if only america let them keep their emperor. What spooked them was the russian advance to Japan. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were just more destroyed cities, like tokyo and ...

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