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Mack + Lona's maternity-turned-engagement shoot (cuz he put a ring on it at the baby shower a few weeks ago. Boom.)
@_hellolona post-maternity shoot. Glowing and stuff ✨.
#lifeinsimmscity #melaninqueen
We miss grandma. #lifeinsimmscity
I looked at this and was overwhelmed by God's splendor. Absolutely amazing. #tbt #sanjuan
The Simms went to carnival y'all...on a weekday evening!!!! That may not be a huge deal for some but it is for us. I'm thankful for the opportunity to spend time with my family, on a weekday, before 8:00 p.m....in ...
I started dabbling in photography in 2010 when I purchased my first camera and lens. During that time, I've photographed everything from weddings and families to church leader directories and newborns, on a journey to determine my style and what ...
Thankful for my husband Ron Simms. He is tangible evidence of God's grace and love for me. When we met 11 years ago, I thought our 3 week summer romance was dispensable puppy love, but he knew it was real. ...
Practicing gratitude in every circumstance.
6.29.17- Yesterday officially marked the 30 day countdown until my 30th birthday. Each day for the next month, I'm going to share something I'm thankful for. So here goes...Yesterday, I am thankful for an ENTIRE day spent enjoying my family. ...
6.26.17. First picture I've posted of myself in a long while. On our mini-vacay, I made Ron snap this of me. I'm always taking photos of everyone else. I need more of me.
First time Fola had my full, undivided attention in a while. Thankful for some time with her alone with my little girl. So, this is Fola before we got in the pool. Couldn't tell her nothing with her little bathing ...
Three amigos. After church nap flow. Grandma, Fola, & Judah. 6.24.17
Water, crabs, sunset and Ron Simms. So happy. 6.25.17
Annual imma-need-y'all-to-sit-still-while-we-take-a-picture-with-grandpa photo. Happy belated Father's Day daddy.
#lifeinsimmscity @toon2timez @winstoncoker
A rare shot of us all looking at the camera. I would call this outing a success. Longwood Gardens. 5.26.17 #lifeinsimmscity **Rocking my favorite "fearless" 👕 from @thefallco **
Sunday after church. 5.21.17
Simms kids minus Kryle's crew. Spring 2017.
West Philly. 5.6.17. Saturday morning. Sitting outside of the barber shop waiting on Ron to get his hair cut. Watching three little boys and a little girl just be kids. They're teaching each other some new dance, gorging themselves on ...
West Philadelphia. 4.29.17
#doubledutch #challenge #flicted
Simms kids. 4.24.17
These two. Saturday morning rehearsal. 4.22.17
Made the children put socks and shoes back on the get these Easter pics. #lifeinsimmscity #bobbysocks #resurrectionsunday
Start them young.
The way he looks at her....nothing but love. Congratulations to Ashley and Chimereze on their nuptials this past weekend. Hope Mexico is treating you two well. #yourstoriesremembered
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Grandma's in town and I am sooooo off my children's radar 😭. Like, I only birthed you, feed you, care for you every waking moment of your lives...you just gon' act like you don't rock with me anymore? Oh ok. ...
"Three couples. Two generations. Between them, just over six decades of marriage. In my desire to document and share real stories of married people, I sat down to hear their perspectives. We chatted about the “complexities” of bringing two different ...

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