Jacky | @thugzillaa

My current fav picture ❀️
From Lcpl To Cpl this dude has been my best friend, it's hard goodbye :( but I love you barnacle boy ❀️
Love yourself because no one else will.
Call a girl pretty and she'll forget. Call a girl fat and she'll never forget. That's because elephants never forget. #🐘
"Last month you said I smelled like flowers, yesterday I watched you step on a rose."
Tanks for visiting me in California ❀️
Just embracing the suck of 29 Stumps
#neverforget #tbt @adamreindeer @alyssa_genevieve
Motivated Monday or what?
Look at lil ole me the summer before freshmen year, with a nice ole mole on my chin 😊
MSgt Santiago and possessed Rineer. 😊
I'm obviously the only one who don't know how to act..
What I'm trying to get back to, and get better than. #goals
I never know how to act in public
Dicks out for Rafiki 🀘🏽
From being your coolest lance Coolies to hard charging Corporals. #newrankwhodis
Boolin in blue
She's so pretty ❀️
Kind of cute, kind of fat, mostly weird though.
Salt Dawg Sunday.
I actually screamed right after this picture because the raptor yelled at me. *kanye shrugs*
#wcw this hot piece of ass. My husbands mistress and my fav person πŸ’•
#mcm @kevinltran
Too close.
How to eat a donut 101
Breaking in Alyssa new bathroom with a selfie

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