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Who else is happy with his 18.4 REDO score?✋🏼😃
This one WODProofed by @thurihelgadottir and it was defiantly worth it👊🏽🏆
18.4 ✅ for the second time 😅
This is my first repeat this Open and I managed to ...
WODProofed by @ludovicagh
Go baby, go 💨 #nike #niketraining #justdon’tquit #stopexercisingstarttraining #crossfitadventus #adventusarmy #noexcuses #crossfit #crossfitgirl #crossfitmotivation #xeniosusa #proaction #repcrusher #teamtitan @nike @nikewoman @niketraining @xeniosusa @proaction.official @tsunaminutriotion @wodproofapp
If anyone wants a great idea for a warm up before 18.4 so the new HSPU standards will feel easier 😉
WODProofed by @pvellner ・・・
More skill EMOMs with the @wodproofapp timer. Nothing crazy. Just trying to suck a little ...
How your post 18.4 looked like?
Swipe right and learn how to take a cool post 18.4 selfie with your score 👊🏽💪🏽🏆
Check out @thurihelgadottir storynand you’ll see that she probably was happy as in this picture today😉
Share and ...
GOOD LUCK to all our community today👊🏽💙
WODProof’s for your back!
(and we all know how important is it with those deadlifts😉)
#wodproofcommunity #fs #wodproofapp #wodproofedbyme #challengeyourbest
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How about some tempo work to activate your body a bit before the 18.4?
WODProofed by @amafr
Some more tempo-work from today, again with @wodproofapp ⏱🎥
4 rep Max strict-press tempo 4010 up to 53 kg.
Lean-away pullups, 6-8 ...
Tia-Clair Toomey, finished 1st worldwide in 18.3 with 918 reps.
The only woman IN THE WORLD to get back to the BMUps in round 2.
Feeling lucky to support and cheer you on!
You're incredible Tia! 💙
#wodproofteam @tiaclair1
#fs ...
Can't be more proud to see the leaderboard after 18.3🙏🏻🤩
Incredible scores to our fantastic four:
💙Tia: 918 reps.
💙Thuri: 765 reps.
💙Noah: 921 reps.
💙Pat: 917 reps.
2 workouts to go - Good luck beasts!!!!🏆👊🏽⚔️
WODProof Family.
#wodproofapp #wodproofteam ...
Aiming for perfection is being a Games athlete and still keep working on your skills so hard all the year.
What do you think about Thuri’s BMUps?🤩🏆⚔️
WODProofed by @thurihelgadottir ・・・
Last night I did 18.3 ✅ This one was ...
Wanna see how far off you are from Pat's 18.3 pace? Download the new WODProof version and check out the new features! Compare yourself to any athlete in the world!
Watch the tutorial in our story:
compare and share with ...
Want to take your functionality with those Dumbbells to the next level?
WODProofed by @marcusfilly ・・・
💥FBB Tester💥
📝What makes this a @functional.bodybuilding tester? Dumbbells of course... oh wait, those are trending now. Ooops, been on that train for ...
WODProofed by @jamiels21
#realtalk #fulldisclosure This morning was not very fun for me- not the score I wanted in this workout #18point3. I am and always have been my own worst critic. “Don’t let perfection be the enemy of ...
WODProof 2.0
Connect with the WODProof community! 💙
Challenge your best👊🏽
#challengeyourbest #wodproofcommunity #fs #wodproofteam @tiaclair1
🔊💥WODProof 2.0💥🔊
Community driven revolution.
💙Tag friends and Spread the word💙
#challengeyourbest #wodproofcommunity #wodproofteam #fs @thurihelgadottir @marcusfilly
WODProofed by @alicemille
When you Cant squat, do power clean 😂 Thank god for that lift 🙏🏼 PR Power clean- 101 kg. My team really needed that 🙌🏼 @teamcfnordic @crossfitgames #crossfit #crossfitgames #crossfitmotivation #fit #fitness #compete #testyourself #competitor #competition ...
Motivation boost WODProofed by Katie Coghlan (7 years old)
18.2 scaled:
DB Squats (2kg)
Burpees over the Bar
07mins 4seconds
11kg clean
@crossfit @crossfitgames #crossfit #crossfitgames @crossfitkids
If you feel that your legs haven’t seen enough 🔥 this weekend, give this one a try 😉
WODProofed by @amafr
Tempo rear foot elevated split-squats,
find your 8rm/leg, tempo 3010.
Filmed with @wodproofapp 🎥⏱
Perfect app to ...
Thanks for the outstanding show tonight! Congratulations to both Pat and Noah, for unbelievable performances! The community wants to thank you for the motivation, after seeing how it's done, we're all ready to hit it!
@pvellner @nohlsen #wodproofcommunity #wodproofteam
Nothing is more exciting than watching these two phenomenal athletes, showing everyone how you should play in this game.
Good luck Noah and Pat - we sure that the electrifying atmosphere will push both of you to be outstanding tonight!

We admire the ability to get into the pain zone and keep pushing until the last second.
WODProofed by Thuri 💪🏽🏆⚔️
Good luck tomorrow 👊🏽
My last reps of 18.1, ladies and gentlemen! 👊🤮 Video w/ onscreen timer: @wodproofapp ...
Scale to DU if you need to, and try to beat Marcus 😉👊🏽
WODProofed by @marcusfilly ・・・
📝Skill meets heavy weights. The Friday theme these past few weeks. This week I made sure to use my @wodproofapp to ...
447 REPS WODProofed by Noah💪🏽🏆⚔️
That’s incredible 👊🏽🤩
@nohlsen ・・・
I like being able to say “One & Done” but this was the perfect opportunity for me to work on proper pacing. Excited to be heading to Pittsburgh tomorrow to ...
18.1 WODProofed by the fittest @tiaclair1 💙🏆 ・・・
I loved 18.1, it was a great workout to kick the season off.....Thanks to my @wodproofapp I could breakdown my 18.1 workout and see where I can improve for the next time ...
A dream come true.

Stay tuned.
if you already fully recovered from the first workout, you should give it a try!
Few sprints that combine everything we 💙 in CrossFit, WODProofed by @thurihelgadottir 👊🏽🏆⚔️
A @wodproofapp of one my last workouts before the start of ...
To all our community members who have an Android mobile,
These days, thanks to your feedback we’re standing for 99.9% crash free sessions - which is fantastic!!! Still, there are more than 10,000 different Android mobiles, and we all know ...
The Open is about to start, and this is the most exciting moment for us as a community.
We want to thank WODProof community for being there for us all the year - we wish you good luck!
Challenge your ...
Welcome Noah!

Noah is the 4th fittest man in the world, member of Team USA, 2016 CrossFit Games Open world champion, and this is only a taste!
His astonishing competitive history is proof that his future in this sport knows ...
WODProofed by the best @marcusfilly ・・・
📝 Today’s tester called for a snapshot from @wodproofapp. Give it a shot yourself and see if you can match or beat my time. SHOULDER PUMP CITY!
👍For Time
DB ...

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