Jeannie Sabrina | @xojss

VARARII Vibes 📸: @awokenphotography
Issa vibe right?
Is anyone pissed they gotta go back to work tomorrow too?
We need to forward to the islands and get you gold, no spray tans🌴
Don't sleep on my merch unless y'all get my pillow😴 Check out that includes all other products. Link in bio💛🙏🏼 Will have a Giveaway soon!
especially for you.
You ain't enough for me
Too much for you.. 📸:
Never liked you anyway
DM me for rates. 📸:
Slight make-up cus I got my "fleeky" lashes.✨ Thank you @lashasaurusrex for taking care of me. She is the sweetest ting🌹 Check her out and let her know my name so she can hook you up! xxo
Photography by
DM me for rates.
Made you look

DM me for rates. 📸:
Coolin. Hella Reckless' out. Thanks @recklessgirls @yngandreckless for this fly fit🙏🏼🌹 Check out their stuff✨
Y&R in Chinatown.💮 @recklessgirls @yngandreckless
We were supposed to stay in the clouds.
Passive w the things you say.
Teenage Fever🔂
Waiting for Summer like..🌻
Every time you try to forget who I am, I'll b right there to remind you again. 📸:
When you get that stretch in before game time. 📸:
Meditation, conversation and a lil marijuana 📸:
My inner thoughts.💭 I finally had some alone time that I've been in need of. I fucked around and came up w some shit in a total of 5mins. Music has always been a passion to me, poetry was and ...
Yea you think I need ya but I don't ⤴️ 📸:
You had me this whole time. 📸:
Quick to pull me down but as much as I've seen I can't fall. 📸:
I know that heaven must've saved you just for me. 📸:
Established like the Yankees. 📸:
I put you on game, teach you everything you didn't know. #yeezy #boostin 📸:
No feelings. 💤
Couple ppl that hate me, but way more ppl show love.

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