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miata roll bars also fit C6 corvettes very well. 😅
it's true, red bull gives you wings.
just a teaser #brz
guess what the plans are?
got DJ qualls car all wrapped up, time to call it a night!

#miata #mazda #mazda #cage #rollcage #miatacage @arikcrowe
we can't even fit all the cores we got in the picture!

this should clear out all of our pending order and give us a couple for stock!
we are trying to get this batch out this week, if you ...
rustic bridge meets 640hp. [email protected]_ms3
who would be interested in some hella low seat bases for sabelt gt-130 or equivalent seats?
I was about 1 ft away from being apart of this, luckily I didn't get hit and had to chase down the guy who hit these 2 cars while @pugswgn_ms3 jumped a wall to get the passanger that ran away ...
dodge demon needed for test fitting!
want to run nhra? bring it to us to develop a solution.

#demon #dodge #gotahemi
@raddandrift 2jz swap supra on the streets.
my first time seeing this car in person! looking very nice on display at the @toyota booth in long Beach this weekend for the grand prix.
@evasivemotorsports thanks again for the great opportunity to be apart of this build!

when you got the part he needs but your 40 minutes away. [email protected]_beechum @instashaffed
top drift 2017 update, didn't shaffed @trenton_beechum S14, got white girl wasted from strawberry margaritas.

we out! @instashaffed
@splashcoatings added a nice touch to this 🚀🐰 GTR
can't wait to see @chelseadenofa take down the top 32 crowd this year!
purposed to my gf/best friend and she said yes! can't wait for the amazing journey ahead of us! @pugswgn_ms3
good quote I saw the other day, thought I would share it with a part that I'm most recently proud of. #zerekfabrication
@dr.mobile_auto_detailing is on point! 👌#ctsvowners #ctsv #blackraven
come out tomorrow!
ATTENTION everyone who modifies their cars.

after you buy a modified car or have critical parts installed, Do a visual check of the work that has been done!
customer brought us an NB2 for coilover, swaybar, and brake install. When ...
@pugswgn_ms3 new wheel setup.
intake after tune made 30+hp and 100 ftlb of torque!

91 shell pump gas.

to all our customers waiting on knuckles, we have been very backed up on cores especially NB. we now have cores in stock and have been modified we will be doing our best to get them out this week!

thank ...
V day present for the V. @tunedbytad
just a tease, more to come tomorrow!
cts v intake all done ready for install and followed by data logging!
@rallyata did a thing!
bash bars are a must on lifted miata's to complement the offroad look! #miata #mx5 #topmiata #socalcarmeets #socalroadster #dontcallitajeep
test fit on the V intake all in titanium! stay tuned for details to follow.

#ctsvowners #ctsv #titanium #zerekfab
garage sale this Saturday, 8AM-1PM.

2860 e gretta lane unit J Anaheim 92806

bring parts to sell, or come to buy!

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