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How to Choose the Best Time to Play Online Slots? – 2024 Guide

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Online slots have become a commonplace way of playing slots across the world. Although their popularity has been steadily rising with the increased spread of the internet, recently, they got a spike in popularity. The pandemic situation made online slots a safe alternative to busy casinos where you’d play them in person. The added benefit is that they are up 24/7, so you can play at any time during the day. This also forms certain bubbles of time where playing slots is the most fruitful.

Look out for promotions

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The online slot machines periodically release special promotions to entice you to indulge in them more. These can range from giving you free spins to providing bigger winning funds. They may be special events unique to the site you are using or part of a trend they are dipping into.

As with every business, putting up enticing promotions usually happens during holidays. The most common ones are New Year and Christmas periods. These offers and promotions usually end up being the most generous as they happen only once a year. You’ll be able to get some great benefits when you play slot during this time.

Play at the end of the month

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The belief on the optimal time of the month for playing slots is often debated. While some push the start of the month as the best time to get in, allowing you to accumulate more winnings throughout it by starting early, others prefer the tail end of the month. The end of the month period fits for those who are savvier about their plays and don’t rely on time-related accumulation.

Any important calculations such as payment, races, tournaments, and other segments of the online slots site happen at the end of the month. Due to the fact winnings do not carry over into the following month, you’ll be back to zero no matter how much you won throughout the past month. This means that the whole cycle of slots and their available rewards is reset, making it likely that winnings at the start of the month will be way lower. A less direct utility is that of excitement. Most of the more interesting bets and events usually happen later in the month and last until the end of it, making it a lot more engaging to play during this time.

There are no times where the jackpot is more likely

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No amount of speculation or fact will change the nature of the online slots, or regular slots for that matter, that being that they are all based on luck. While there are ample superstitions and conspiracies on the way jackpots can be scored, it’s nothing more than pure fairy tales. The ability to actually score a jackpot is purely up to the random chance of the machines you are using.

However, do not let it discourage you from having your own little rituals. While they may not functionally add to the experience, they can be fun additions to the whole experience. After all, scoring a jackpot is only made more fantastical by citing your preferred luck-increasing method.