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Our Predictions For The Usa Presidential Election

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Trump is a strange character. Most people would not have thought he was the best candidate for high office but his supporters believed he would take the country back. He has done the opposite and has made the US a more divided country. Which of the candidates would you pick? One year ago, the world stood in awe as the power-hungry Donald Trump became the 45th President of the United States. The man is no ordinary politician, however. The Donald has no real political experience and, in fact, is a businessman, not a politician. And this brings us to our predictions for the upcoming US presidential election. There are a lot of factors that go into understanding the candidates, in both the Democrat and Republican parties, that are so that the electorate can make the right choice in the very close election.

Our predictions for the us presidential election

Source: unsplash.com

In a few weeks, on 3. A presidential election will be held in the United States in November 2024. The American people have two choices, the main bipartisan candidates are incumbent Republican Donald Trump and Democratic former Vice President Joe Biden. Three of our Psychictext readers have researched the candidates and given their predictions and opinions on the upcoming big event, which we present below*. Our numerologist Shivai gave us his opinion on the candidates and the upcoming elections. You can read his article HERE. Jasmine discussed her Russian Gypsy paranormal system in relation to President Trump and his campaign.  You can read his article HERE. And Zoe looked at the tarot cards regarding this election and the two presidential candidates for the next term. You can read it HERE.

Check out our news feed in the app to find these and other articles and videos from our talented readers. Psychictext readers are ready to give you readings via text and chat about your love life, career, money and other important topics.  Download our app today to be guided and get a glimpse of your future.We have elected a new president. And we got it wrong. That does not mean that our predictions for the presidential race were wrong, or that they won’t be right again next time around. What it does mean is that we should accept that in a democracy, a lot of people are wrong—and that that is not a bad thing. We can like or dislike the candidates, but we should not consider them to be infallible.